The Day of Equilibrium

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 27 Sep 2020
Teacher: Editorial - From the Desk of Chris Maurus
Receiver: Chris Maurus

I have learned from the difficult lessons of the past and by the folly of others that making predictions is a sure way to discredit yourself and create controversy for those that support you.  I have vowed to never make predictions even if having the greatest inspired knowledge given by any celestial messenger.  I’ve been receiving messages by personalities of light for more than 12 years, and I have come to understand that Spirit does not measure time the way humans do, and they will often avoid giving information in human measures for events yet to unfold.

Understanding this limitation of Spirit, whether it is truly a measure they cannot understand or translate from their dimension, or whether they are under a gag order for revealing future events—there is clearly a given “red flag” for asking or receiving information having to do with future events that have a specific calendar date.  I sincerely believe that future events can be predicted by some celestial personalities with great accuracy and that there are those that can compile very complex calculations by projecting the current conditions and state of mass consciousness at the time into future actions and probabilities. From a celestial point of view, the “when” happens when conditions meet critical mass.  Free-will is the proverbial “monkey-wrench” that can thwart the best laid plans and projections. Celestials use these projections to make administrative decisions and rarely do they get involved in sharing those projections with humans.

There is however, one Spirit Entity that I am familiar with that can truly know the future and can inspire humans to understand insights from a future event either metaphorically, or in dreams and visions, and they are the fragmented entities known as the Indwelling Presence of the Universal Father—the Thought Adjusters.  These God Fragments exist both outside of time-space and inside time-space—they are unique in this way.  They have the paradise vantage point (from outside of time) to observe all human events and can look ahead in time at those humans they indwell and know if fusion (union with the divine) is possible and see it as a matter of fact. As deity, they have the divine foresight and authority to share insights with humans when it serves a greater purpose, something we humans can rarely understand because of our limited vision.

With that in mind, I have received insights from my Thought Adjuster, and I have had several vivid dreams over the years that suggest there may be an event whereby every human mind on Earth may foretaste a glimpse of divine reality simultaneously. What is divine reality? It is an experience of conscious contact with the Thought Adjuster.

With the recent transmissions from Trinity Teacher Uteah and the most recent transmission from the Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters—they reveal how enhanced Thought Adjuster circuits may be the “game changer” for humanity to find its way out of its exhausted consciousness potential and into an enlightened era—the insights, the vivid dreams, and the fact that the mass consciousness of humanity is anticipating a “shift” into higher consciousness could indicate that an event of world-wide significance is approaching.

When we look deeper at what was said about the enhanced Thought Adjuster Circuits we see that there are many variables and conditions that are in a state of flux.  There is a supporting energetic infrastructure that is being “overlaid” atop of the circuits that currently support planetary consciousness. If you hold out your left hand in front of you and then invert your right hand over the top of the left, aligning your fingers and thumbs—this is the idea spirit is showing me about how these new circuits are being carefully distributed to be positioned in a way where a complete substitution shall occur when the enhanced Thought Adjuster circuits are synchronized.  There is a weaning period where consciousness shall be gently moved to these higher performance circuits leaving the old circuits from the rebellion era to be decommissioned permanently.  Once the infrastructure is in place, the higher light knowledge from the Creator Son that qualifies and extends the range of conscious intelligence supplied to the planet, according to its evolutionary status, will be made available to the Urantia Thought Adjusters.  They will then begin the process of developing their human partners to receive more of their insights—a way to transfer the higher light knowledge from Christ Michael to human consciousness in a safe and unobtrusive way assuring there is no violation of free-will.

These enhance circuits not only assist the Thought Adjusters to do their work in the human mind, but the angelic realm as well.  Seraphim—the group guardians and destiny guardians will also benefit directly by receiving the insights from the Thought Adjuster as they are being impressed upon their human partners.  There is a substantial efficiency boost in the ability of the seraphic ministers to make changes to your environment to see that you are provided the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth and personality maturation.  Seraphim “see” how to more precisely guide their wards having direct insights communicated from the Thought Adjuster. This also helps the Seraphim grow in experiential ways that were not available to them before.  All these changes to the system of human guidance and consciousness are provided to move humanity beyond its exhausted potentials that were stalled by the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic Default.  Delicately and with the greatest concern for human free-will are these changes being implemented.

Many religious and indigenous prophecies of the past, as I have understood them, seem to violate free-will in some way—solving the serious problems of humanity in a single event giving us a “get out of jail free card.”  I have never personally subscribed to such beliefs as to have the free-will of humanity usurped with a supernatural takeover—even those with the greatest of intentions.  From all the inspired messages I have received over the last 12 years—many of them speak to the importance of the free-will imperative—that reality as we know it is dependent on the free-will of every sentient creature—that the universe itself may collapse into a singularity should free-will be divinely violated—free-will is the very thing that drives the experiential emergence of the Supreme Being and it is divinely guarded.

Having said that, and going back to the very idea of a game changing event goes against my understanding of universal law.  BUT!  I have gone over this in my mind many times and having considered the concurrent picture that celestial messengers are painting having to do with “countermeasures” for bringing humanity back into a more normal flow of evolution—having been retarded by a 200,000 year rebellion that set our species back on many levels—why would an equalizing event have to necessarily usurp free-will?

What I am suggesting, and with the recent announcement of the enhanced Thought Adjuster circuits, I can now see that a game changing event is possible without tampering with human free-will.  I will explain:  Having had supernatural experiences in my own life that would be viewed as “extraordinary” by most people, I know firsthand that life changing experiences of a divine nature are possible.  Many of you may have had such profound experiences that cannot be explained by science or by the definition of mental illness.  I had, what I believe to be, a true “god-experience” in my late twenties that set me on a spiritual journey in search of greater meaning in life.  I have always thought that if this profound experience had happened to all people, we would truly be living in a paradise on earth—that all people would understand the meaning of life is not about “me” but about “us.”  Unity consciousness is an evolved consciousness—it is the “many” derived from the “One”—it is cooperation and coordination—a sublime vision and destiny for all souls to become like its Creator.  This is a common theme among those that have had NDEs (near death experiences) and so it is not something that is altogether impossible to consider?

Sounds great, right, but what about our current world condition—how do we get from here to there?  We all know that humanity isn’t going to beat its swords into plow shears anytime soon, and with the volatile Geo-political environment we currently have, it is more likely we may annihilate ourselves before coming to a friendly agreement over who gets the greater share of world resources and by what version of God we can accept as a world religion.  Mankind, despite its science and technology, has not fundamentally evolved behaviorally or spiritually in many millennia.  We are still repeating the mistakes of the past but in different circumstances and with more dangerous technologies.  The sins of man continue unabated from generation to generation.  Greed, pride, hate, power, and control continue to dominate man’s ambitions.  So, what would it take to suddenly change this predictable landscape of the human condition without forcing human will to comply to a better plan?

Many of you are familiar with the Urantia Book, the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, the Correcting Time, and the various T/Rs (channels, Transmitters/Receivers) that bring through messages from our celestial siblings and administrators.  We are taught that there is a Divine Fragment of the Creator that lives in the mind of all people that guides us toward a perfected destiny.  It is also known that very few people in a world of nearly 7.8 billion are aware that they carry this God Fragment as a co-creative partner. 

Many of the major world religions refute the idea that God lives in us, but rather God is wholly outside of us—a God that is jealous, angry, and wrathful, but merciful and loving when we accept the yoke of a prescribed religion and follow its tenants without question.  What would it take for us to understand the same idea of a loving Creator and stop hurting each other for differences in opinion?

The bigger question: What would it take for every person on the planet to understand, in an instant, what divine reality is?  Now that I have set the stage for you to see where I am going with this, I will describe my vision and understanding of “divine reality:” 

The Day of Equilibrium

I have had vivid dreams and insights over a period of years where I see every man-made system in the world suddenly stop—all cars, trucks, trains, planes, boats, machines, phones, and computers—all are suspended—time as we know it is frozen and every clock stopped.  The time on the clocks synchronize at 11:11. I believe this is a metaphor and I do not think planes will fall from the sky, but that human activity will be interrupted in a major way to provide a space for humanity’s undivided attention.  I see all people world-wide stop what they are doing, get out of their cars, beds, cubicles, and appointments, and stare into space as if they are astonished by some invisible presence—not outside of themselves, but from inside—from their own mind and consciousness. 

Imagine now as I describe the encounter from a personal perspective: You are having a profound and deeply emotional experience—a feeling of completeness—of unconditional love and acceptance—it pervades you and you feel as if your spirit has slightly separated from your physical body—you feel near weightless like you are floating a few inches above the ground.  A divine and loving vibration sweeps through every cell and synapse in your body—a peace that surpasses all understanding overtakes you—and you feel a profound sense of well-being—you are enraptured in a blanket of warm ecstasy.  Thoughts begin flooding your mind from a Source of great love and authority, and there is an understanding in these thoughts at a higher level than your present awareness can comprehend, but you instinctively understand all that is conveyed. You feel that no matter what happens in the world or in your life that somehow you will be cared for—it will all turn out right. The fears you once held in your mind about life have nowhere to root in this enraptured state and you let it all go.

You weep at the sublime love, truth, and beauty the understanding gives you.  You know now why you are here at this time on this planet—you feel the “connectedness” of all things and people—it is as if it was all so simple—anyone could understand it—yet the astonishment of the moment and the supernatural presence is almost too much for your human mind to grasp—the sense of eternal import and destiny—to become one with this Presence as it moves through you is your only desire in this moment.  And then, as suddenly as it came, this beautiful enraptured feeling begins to fade along with the brilliance of its simple message.  It lasts not more than a few minutes and it is gone leaving you feeling utterly astonished—like you didn’t get enough of the unspeakable love and acceptance—you want to live in this moment forever.

You look around you and see others coming down from the incredible feeling—their spirits settling back into their physical bodies—a look on their tear stained faces as if they were all embraced by the Source of Creation. You reach out to the person next to you and embrace them—weeping tears of joy and astonishment, asking:  “Did it happen to you?” “What did you feel?” “What thoughts did you hear?” “Did you understand it?” “Did you feel the great love?”

Equilibrium is a state of mind where human consciousness meets divine consciousness—a truly rare event in the universe has just occurred. What do you do now with this incredible experience—how do you reconcile something so supernatural, yet completely validating with every other person on the planet?  Humanity would have to face the responsibility of making sense of the incomprehensible—a new consciousness is born—one that relates to every other.

After this event had passed, every person on the planet would remember a moment of what divine reality is—that in these few minutes of contact and communion with their Thought Adjusters, they would understand that they were the children of a loving Creator and that all people are connected by this Indwelling Presence of the Creator—to live a life of joy and abundance—that all others are your siblings indwelled by the same Creative Presence—that the meaning of life is to live and love and become like the Creator in the image of all things True, Beautiful, and Good.  They would also understand that they have a choice—free-will to live in pursuit of this Great Understanding or not.  It would truly be a moment of unity consciousness in every sense, but only for a moment.
After the event, all things would resume—life would return to its natural material stride, except life would never be the same from a philosophical, psychological, and spiritual perspective.  Your life and every person in the world would be changed forever by the experience of Equilibrium. It would not make you a better person by fiat of the experience, but it would give you the inspiration and a crystal-clear understanding for seeing yourself and others from a more connected place. You had a brief foretaste of unity consciousness and now it would be up to you to choose to pursue it or continue living as before—yet the idea of going back to a life of disconnected apathy seems impossible having been shown what divine reality is.  It was no longer impossible to imagine living in a world of peace and understanding.

We all witnessed how a virus, politics, disinformation, and mass media spin can come together and change the life of an entire planet almost overnight through fear and confusion.  Can you imagine the life changing affect an event of this magnitude would have on the world—not out of fear, but out of love?  Could something so profound capture the attention of the world in an instant where each man, woman, and child of age had brief contact with their Thought Adjuster and understood the meaning of life from their own unique perspective?  Imagine the media coverage: “The Day the World Stood Still;” “The Day of Equilibrium;” “The Day We Understood our Humanity.” 

It would forever change our world without usurping free-will.  We would all be free to accept or deny the meaning of the experience, but we could not deny that it happened to every person world-wide.  Since each person experienced it according to his or her understanding, there would be literally billions of stories to share and talk about with each other.  Everyone could talk about it with any other person anywhere on the planet because of the shared, but unique and astonishing experience—and these conversations would be deeply meaningful—not surface.  There would be a profound sense of brotherhood everywhere—no matter where you lived, your culture, your beliefs, your sex, your occupation, or your status in society—all would feel the connection and the unity of what it meant to be human in that divine moment.

World religions could no longer claim exclusivity on their beliefs and leaders would have to come together and build a theology that would not violate the experience of Equilibrium—for it would be ludicrous to suggest that other religious faiths were heretical or special above all others.  Imagine the political implications of Equilibrium?  How could a nation stand divided after that event—seeing how we all share humanity from a soul perspective and with a distributive spirit?  Imagine the inspiration in the minds of artists, writers, musicians, poets, and filmmakers, and the media that would succeed it?  Think about the revisions in science—that perhaps there really was an all-powerful Intelligent Creator that started everything? 

Imagine the possibility for world peace and the importance of the Golden Rule?  How could we harm another human being or treat someone as something less than ourselves knowing (by the experience of Equilibrium) that we all share the God Presence of this same Creator who wants to share in our human experience?  How could we deny our Maker the life He wants to experience through and with us?  We are truly brothers and sisters—we are humans from a place called Earth!  It is absolutely mind-boggling to think about what changes would occur should such an event like this take place, and I cannot find one thing that would be negative about the outcome of such an event.  We would commemorate it for all times and build monuments to remind our children and grandchildren of what happened on that infamous day.  We may even reset the calendar to the “Day of our Awakening. (DA, not AD)”

The Day of Equilibrium would close the door of the past behind us and usher in a new era of Peace, Love, and Understanding.  It would not immediately solve the great problems of humanity, but it would forever change our perspective and reset our values—it would bring the world together to solve these problems because we share a common heritage—the same feelings, hopes, and dreams about life and the quality of life we want for each other.

This is not a prediction as much as it is a vision, and something that is being impressed upon me from a very deep place.  As I live and receive bits and pieces of revelation that come my way from Spirit, I see a pattern emerging that brings these pieces together into a mosaic of something truly profound that checks every box for being the change agent to set our world on a path towards Light and Life.  You can look at any human system on the planet and imagine the implications for how Equilibrium would change those systems to reflect the attitude of a new mind—a new way of seeing people—an evolved consciousness—a unity-based consciousness.

Perhaps I am a dreamer—an idealist, but I cannot think of any other single event that would bring this world together and usher in an enlightened age without usurping free-will.  This certainly would set the stage for a Magisterial Mission and a divine visitation that would not be perceived as hostile or a threat to the power structures of the world after Equilibrium.  The only disappointed group might be atheists, but even they would appreciate the emergence of an enlightened society and the happy life they and their children would live in.  It’s a win-win for humanity in any way you look at it.

The experience that I described in Equilibrium, aside from time standing still, is not a fiction, but a reality that actually happened to me in my 27th year—something that has taken most of my life to understand and come to terms with, and I have only scratched the surface of its greater meaning. I experienced Equilibrium with my Thought Adjuster and if it happened to me, then it is a possibility that it could happen to you—to become a world-wide phenomenon when the conditions meet critical mass. The enhanced Thought Adjuster Circuits are the condition—we now wait for critical mass.

This is my vision and solution to what seems to be an insolvable problem with humanity—changing its attitudes, its behaviors, its values, and its human systems to reflect a more “civil” idea of life and the pursuit of happiness—not for a privileged few, but for everyone.

Peace to all of you,


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