The Circuit of Worship

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak to you about a subject that goes mostly unexplored by most people, and one that is so vitally important because it is the life blood of the spiritual body—the mind circuit of Worship.  For many, the word “worship” connotes a primitive form of ritualism—of groups of people posed prostrate with hands in the air and wailing away at some iconic lifeless idol of deity.  That was a method used by primitive man to pay homage to the gods.  Today in modern religion, worship may consist of singing and praising in groups—giving thanks for the honor of being a child of the Creator and in some churches, celebrating the name of the Creator Son.  Does the Creator Father or the Creator Son demand worship from the children of time?  What exactly is it, and why is worship important to you and your spiritual health?

Simply put, my friends, worship is divine communication—connection with God at the highest level for a human, for true worship bypasses the rational mind and connects the mind circuits directly with deity through the Indwelling Spirit—the Thought Adjuster.  In these moments of pure connection, brief as they may be, the soul opens for life sustaining growth and faith is strengthened providing solace to the mind and a greater more personal relationship with the Creator Father—as it is sung in some worship songs, “To know Him, is to love Him.”

Knowing the Creator (through the circuit of worship) is one of two things that delineates man from the animal—the other being the circuit of wisdom.  Worship is different from prayer in that it contains no petition, only the desire of the creature to commune freely with the Creator, and in unstructured and spontaneous form, can be the most joyful experience a human can feel while in the flesh—it is like the wind in the sails of the spiritual vessel—the soul.

The Creator Father desires worship from His children because He wants to draw personally close to them in mind and spirit and to feed them with his perfect and divine love—unconditional love that is necessary for healthy spiritual growth.  It is this intimate connection that is of value to both the Creator and the creature that establishes the foundation for continued life in the grand universe and the adventure of seeking and finding God.  Worship strengthens spiritual gravity—that drawing power from the Creator that calls all sentient beings to perfection—to discover the God of all creation.

How does one worship the Creator?  There is no set of predefined methods for this—it is personal and free from rules.  You do as you feel, but it is most effective when alone and without distraction.  You simply let go of all your worldly thoughts and cares and place yourself in the presence of God.  Expressing thanks, gratitude, love, and acknowledging your sonship as a child of God, is one good way to bring you into the state of worship, or it may be simply being quiet with God and feeling that joy that no words can express.  Imagine the hand of God reaching down to you, and you, the child, reaching up to God.  This divine “handshake” is the state of worship.  There is peace, joy, sustenance, and power in the grasp of the Almighty.

If you have not experienced this needful spiritual connection, I recommend you give it daily consideration.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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