The Changing of the Guard

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 13 Sep 2020
Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus
Receiver: Editorial

Dear Friends,

There’s an eerie silence that I been experiencing in the last few weeks and I wanted to let those that may be concerned that I have not dropped off the map.  I’m waiting patiently for what feels like a “Changing of the guard.”  I can’t tell you what that is exactly, and I expect that Uteah will resume teaching soon after a period of celestial conferences is over.  I get a sense that there are a great many changes coming to our world, and currently, it seems like there is a great curtain hanging over the door of the future where we cannot see past and cannot know what is about to move through that door.

There’s a lot of suffering in our world and many of you are feeling like you’ve been “hung out to dry,” that nobody is listening and everyday it seems that something more menacing occurs in nature or the outrageous behavior by others becomes more bizarre and we cannot understand it.  These are all indications that something big is in the works for humanity and our reaction to it manifests in ways that are sometimes irrational and unpredictable because we are about to deal with something we have no experience with.   

I’m speaking from a spiritual perspective when I say these things, and the “changing of the guard” has nothing to do with political divisiveness—what I am feeling is a change in dispensation. There are many changes happening in the unseen realities around us that affect our human lives; our soul path; and the way we are guided—the rules of engagement between consciousness and our spirit family that guides us along the ascension path to see that we are getting what our souls need to survive eternity.  It could be, that despite the suffering, anxiety, or the fear we feel, that we are growing more in this time on earth than in any time in the past.

Certainly we can look back in  history—to the Great Wars, and think that those were the most challenging of times for humanity—and they were, but what is happening in the unseen realities now is in flux and changing so dynamically that we cannot yet understand it.  We’ve been hearing for decades that humanity is about to take a leap in consciousness—that it shall become enlightened and usher in an age of Light and Life.  It all seems so afar off, especially when we see the chaos all around us, but what we fail to understand is that there is a great many things that must change in the unseen realms around us to serve as the template for the manifestation of this enlightened age.

Just as we are now beginning to understand that physical health is the manifestation of our mental, emotional, and spiritual state, so too is the gestation of this “template” being created in the unseen—an archetype for what shall soon begin manifesting in our world in preparation for this enlightened age.  The problem we have as humans—being so transient—short lived, is that we want to see it manifest before we pass away.

A better way to feel about it is to seize the moment and revel in the uncertainty and use it as our badge of honor—that we are living in a time of unprecedented change and it is this change that is feeding our soul and helping us grow in ways we never thought possible.  Instead of feeling like we are waiting for a bus that may never arrive, lets use this time of waiting to prepare us for the next journey.

Trust and have faith that the intelligence of the universe is creating a way for you to serve the Great Plan—we just have to work with what comes through the door.

Peace to you,


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