The Activation of Father’s Will

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 26 Jun 2016
Teacher: Thought Adjuster
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, Dear One, I would like to speak about the Activation of Father’s Will, for it is the final agreement between you and your Heavenly Father that shall bring dynamic change to your life and to the world around you—it is the “relative” alignment of human and divine Will. You have been led and prepared by me, the I AM; your teachers and guides—both human and celestial; over the course of your life, and you have developed into a spiritually mature being for your day and time. Much divine attention has been afforded you and you stand at the ready to receive this activation, yet as you look deep within your human heart, you know that you have not reached the center of the Seventh Circle—the all-encompassing Circle that brings all things into alignment—the Circle of Love.

Are you prepared to love your brothers and sisters with a Fatherly love—the Love of the Christ? A love that looks past all the petty irritations of conditioned living and ignorance? A love that sees past the faults of soul immaturity and sees only the Light of Life that lights up every man, woman, and child? Do you know a love that takes no offense to the insults of immature souls who are under the illusion of separation? Can you stand in the center of a multitude and beam Father’s love to all regardless of their outward appearances? Can you appeal to your Father for their forgiveness—that they know not what they do? Can you truly walk the path of the Christ?

This is the final agreement—the Seventh Circle—the Circle of Love. Your human heart can never be truly prepared to withstand the purity of light required to walk the path of the Christ, but your soul heart has this capacity and it is only in bridging the gap between the human heart and the soul heart that can allow you to stand in the brilliance of Father’s Love and be a true channel of light in this dark and confused world. Are you willing to allow your human heart to open to this Light and take the remaining steps on the path that lead to Christ Consciousness? Have you counted the costs? Are you willing to follow wherever it leads?

It is for you to choose and consider with utter soberness in the silence of the soul. It is your work to do in these final days to prepare your heart for the infusion of Higher Love that it may be shared with the world. There are others on this path that must also choose and contemplate their part as a beacon of Love in Father’s network. Many have been called, but how many shall answer? You stand with the wheat and the tares—the harvest is plenty, yet the workers are few.

Your agreement with me shall be sufficient,

I AM Love

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