Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance - Part 2

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

We continue today with our lesson on the steps necessary to receive and to become aware of divine guidance through the understanding and conditioning of the first layer of consciousness—that layer that transmutes the higher vibrational frequencies of the second and third layers into electrochemical impulse. By your understanding of these processes, you can then begin to tune into the awareness of these higher forms of divine communication.

The first step is to reduce or clear out terrestrial input from the senses and make room in the pores of the first layer. This can be done through stillness or bringing your awareness to a clear open channel. Monitoring what comes into the mind and choosing healthy terrestrial stimuli is essential to achieving the ability to “be at peace” at any given moment. Being “at peace” is therefore the precondition for divine reception.

The second step is to elevate your thoughts and feelings to attempt to match the higher frequencies of the third layer of input. This can be done by having thoughts of higher vibration like: love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and other thoughts that make you “feel good.” This conditions the mind and opens the pores of the first layer. Have you noticed that when you “feel good” that good thoughts come into the mind? Having negative thoughts (thick and low in vibration) restricts the pores in the first layer and so nothing “good” can come in when these lower vibrational forms pervade the first layer.

The third step is awareness. Having conditioned your mind for third-layer input, you can place your attention on the thoughts that come into your mind extemporaneously which are not generated by your own mind. These are the thoughts that seep in and allow you to process and make decisions that are in alignment with the Father’s Will. It is your conscious decision (free will) whether or not to act on these inputs that constitute alignment with the Will of God.

The fourth step is discernment, which you must exercise because of the fine line that exists between your own positive thoughts and those of divine origin. This is a process that you learn through experience and practicing these methods of positive conditioning. The more you keep your thoughts elevated throughout your day, the more divine input you will allow into the first layer, therefore we admonish you to “stay positive” and aware.

The idea of “praying without ceasing” is the optimal condition for the mind to receive divine input. Maintaining a nearly unbroken line of communication with Spirit in both asking and receiving is the best way to interpret the Will of God. It is therefore the objective of the student to move into this condition of receptivity.

Have a “good” day my friends,

The Circle of Seven

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