Strip Yourself Naked

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 25 Oct 2020
Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus

I think most of us that are on a spiritual path, regardless of our knowledge or maturity, are always seeking to understand and experience a higher state of consciousness whether or not we have actually identified this seeking as a goal—it is in many ways “inherent.”  It seems that even the most inspiring self-help books, articles, or channeled messages do not give us a clear way to apply what the author is communicating with respect to our own way of thinking—we can only virtually understand it from our limited experience.  Even the exercises given to help guide you can feel strange because it is not something you would think to do on your own.  What you are really seeking by reading these inspirational books and messages is to find a way to achieve some method of attaining a greater personal spiritual experience—to understand yourself and your place in the universe.

For many years I have been writing inspirational messages co-creatively with celestial and ascended personalities to give the readers an expanded view of the universe and how enlightened unity-based consciousness thinks with respect to the “fuzzy” view most of us have about life and our understanding of afterlife and spirit—what its all about and why?  Some of you are keenly interested in these things while others don’t seem to want to know what lies ahead. Many of us get lost dealing with our own earthly problems and this can become an obstacle to achieving a sense of peace.  Feeling peace is really “ground zero” for launching our minds into a space where we can expand it and understand more clearly what we need to do to going forward to progress and grow.

We all want to feel unconditionally loved, understood, and have a sense of security that whatever happens in life we are cared for—that we matter—that there is a higher purpose for our lives, and hopefully, a place for us when its all over here.  It’s rather difficult to find another person that can truly understand us at a deep and personal level, and we spend a fair amount of time searching for this person that will somehow make us feel whole and complete—loved and understood.  I think most of us will admit that even our very best and life long friends—even what we would consider a “soul-mate” will always fall short of what we would want them to be for us.  So, what  drives this “yearning” for unconditional love and acceptance?

When you strip away everything that you believe or have read in books, there remains this feeling—this yearning to find a relationship to someone that can fulfill this yearning at the root of your soul.  This yearning is coming from the Spirit Presence of the Creator within you—it is the only thing that is truly real that cannot be divided further into lessor parts nor does anything precede it—it is existential and eternal—always with you and completely devoted to your well-being and survival in eternity.  This Spirit knows you at the most intimate and personal level of your soul and knows all about your yearning for peace and understanding.

What I want to help you with, and I can only communicate this to you from my own perspective, is that to achieve peace, love, and understanding in your own life and soul is to come “face to face” (metaphorically speaking) with this Spirit Presence of the Creator within you.  How do you do this?  I will speak plainly here and what I will tell you can and will change your life if you truly want to transform your life in a powerful way.  This Spirit Presence of the Creator within you is waiting for you to put aside all your presumptions, expectations, and all your book-smart knowledge and “strip yourself naked.”  I’m not suggesting you take your clothes off, but if it helps you to symbolically reveal your inner most desire for growth, then please do.  I’m suggesting that you go where you can be alone and undisturbed—in a room or a sacred space that you feel comfortable in that is quiet where there are no distractions of any kind. 

To “strip yourself naked” means to leave your ego outside the door and actually “see yourself” with all your flaws, dysfunctions, and imperfections, regardless of your awareness of such personality flaws—and we all have them—nobody is perfect. Step inside this space with the idea that you are standing before the Creator of all things “as is” with nothing to hide—because really, there is nothing to hide from the Spirit that knows everything about you.  Even the most embarrassing or shameful accounts in your life have no influence on Spirit’s love for you—know that this Spirit really does love you unconditionally and truly accepts you as you are in this moment and wants you to succeed in every way—in life, in love, in understanding yourself, and in growth to become a more beautiful soul.  

This Spirit is not disappointed in you for anything you have done or failed at, but sees what you can become. The potentials within you are there for a glorious future and Spirit is dedicated to seeing you experience all the true, beautiful, and lovely things that await you as you strive to escape your cocoon and emerge as a beautiful butterfly—a soul that is radiant in light and love. That is what this Spirit sees when you come into this sacred space “naked.”  Spirit sees the “true self” and not the flesh or your weaknesses.

Having opened a space of sincerity with Spirit is necessary for you to demonstrate your faith—that you are here to enter into a relationship with this Spirit.  Since this Spirit represents the “personification” of the Creator within you, it is a good idea to give this Spirit a sacred name—something that represents the highest idea of unconditional love and acceptance you can imagine.  I always recommend that you name this Indwelling Presence of the Creator within you to create a bond—to consummate and acknowledge a real conscious relationship with Spirit.

With the awareness of this relationship in mind, you do what you would do with any relationship with another person, and that is to “communicate.”  You speak aloud to your beloved Spirit within knowing that Spirit is here to help you progress and survive into eternity, and to do this, it requires you to grow and mature your personality.  Perhaps you feel strange or silly talking into empty space with Spirit, but this you must overcome and in faith know that Spirit is present and listening to your every word. This is more than just a prayer or petition, it is an open dialog between you and your Indwelling Spirit—this personal aspect of the Creator within you.  The dialog you have is wholly personal and you can say or ask anything—and I mean anything—things you would not say to any other person you know and I recommend that you look at everything and look at it objectively.

Since you are here to enter into a relationship with Spirit, and in faith, be open to receiving guidance and opportunity to mature your soul, I recommend you focus your communication on becoming a partner with this Spirit and give your consent to a working relationship where you agree to accept the love and guidance that is available to you in return for your willing cooperation to accept whatever it is that shall help you grow and become this beautiful soul the Spirit sees in your potential “true self.”  

This is not a “deal” or a contract, but a loving open acknowledgment that you are willing to change for the sake of your own soul and development—even if that means something uncomfortable or wonderful happens to bring about a transformation that leads to a greater revelation of yourself—you are willing to see it through and walk in step with your Spirit partner.

This pre-personal aspect of the Creator within you has waited all your life to now have you in this space where you are serious about transforming your life by acknowledging the reality and sovereignty of this Spirit within you—to personally commune with you and be a guiding partner in your life.  Speak openly and honestly to Spirit and pour out your heart—come as if you were a little child asking Father to pick you up and hold you in His arms and whisper in your ear how beloved and precious you are.  This idea—to strip yourself naked, is so very important—to open the book of your life and ask the Spirit within to be the pilot of your ship, and you, as captain, will trust the pilot to guide you courageously through life here and to an eternal career hereafter.

If you have already consummated your relationship with Spirit, you can still check-in and talk openly about how you are feeling and where you need more clarity or guidance to move you forward in love and service.  As imperfect human beings we can never know everything or be immune to the sorrows of earthly life and so we can learn to “lean” on Spirit to help us understand ourselves and provide the guidance and opportunities to triumph over the adversities in life.  

Spirit works in many mysterious ways and sometimes the voice of Spirit comes through people that are sent into your path.  I never assume I will receive the answer or insight from Spirit immediately while having a conversation, but instead, I wait patiently for the answer to come later when I am not focused on hearing it.  That could come as an insight; from someone I know; or from a book; an article, a video—some form of information or knowledge that is needed to understand what it is that I was talking to Spirit about or that Spirit wants me to see in a new way.  Spirit will use every resource that is available to “speak” to me and so I am always aware that answers may come in other forms—especially when I have the wrong idea about something—a lesson in humility is sure to follow.

The bigger question you may have is, “Why does this Indwelling Spirit of the Creator, that lives within my mind; is always present; and always wanting me to become greater that I am—why does Spirit care about “little ole me”—I’m like a tiny ant in a mountain size ant hill filled with trillions of other ants—Why would Spirit be interested in seeing me grow and mature my personality—to fulfill a destiny to become like the Creator?  What’s in it for Spirit?

Many of us see ourselves as insignificant (like a tiny ant) and think that there are others that are far more important to Spirit because they are actively serving, communicating, healing, working on projects to help humanity—others that seem to be more connected to Spirit.  What you must understand is that those few that you see as significant cannot build a mountain by themselves.  It is only when the collective of all souls understand the Great Plan that mountains can be built.  It requires all souls to participate in creation and that includes you.  

The only difference between you and those that serve at this higher level is your willingness and determination to follow the leading of Spirit and step into every opportunity that comes your way.  You don’t need to figure it all out ahead of time—Spirit will lead you and provide what you need, when you need it, but for most of us, we tend to doubt and we see ourselves as insignificant.  I tell you that this Indwelling Spirit of the Creator that lives in your mind is a fragment of the One and True Universal Father that created everything!  You have been chosen to be host to the greatest power in the universe and all you have to do is to accept that this is so and dare to dream—then act on the opportunities that show up to lead you to the next step—one step further to fulfill the potential Spirit sees in you, and if the Spirit see this, then it is possible—even for “little ole you.”

Peace to all,