Stay with Me on this Journey

Teacher: I AM

Dear One,

When you find yourself in a sea of doubt and you cannot see the shoreline, hold tight to the stern of the ship and let my guidance steer you home.  Many in these times of correction are uncertain about their future and with this uncertainty comes fear.  Fear and uncertainty do not have to co-exist together, for uncertainty will always be something you will face throughout your long universe career, and fear is  not an adjective to uncertainty.  Faith is your “wind in the sails” that shall carry you home and it is during these times of great uncertainty that faith is needed.  Open your sails to it and steer clear of the fear, for in doing so, you will find that guidance comes when you need it most.

It would seem that for far too long there has been a wall of obstruction and doubt is always on your radar.  Bring all this doubt to me and place it in my hands, and by faith will you see your fears vanish.  This is not a test, but something all humans deal with at the planetary level of life.  Fear is like a snare and it can set you on a path that is not guided in light and assuredly it is not something that I would have you fall into.  Only you can steer clear of the snare by faithfully following my inner guidance—trust in your deep heartfelt thoughts.

When you have the faith to steer clear of the fear, sometimes frustration and impatience can surface and take its place creating a “fog” that obstructs clear vision.  Again, hold your vision, hold the stern, and do not stray from this faithful path.  In the well of the soul you have the living water of truth that will never be depleted. Drink from this well often when doubt and obstacles bar your way from seeing clearly the way forward, for in doing so, you will remember all those times in the past when you were lost, that you eventually found your way.  These circumstances are not unlike other challenges you have faced and overcome.

I am committed to steering you in the right direction—have no doubt in that!  You only have to “allow” me to show you the way by steering clear of the fear, the frustration, and the impatience.  These are nothing but distractions that prevent you from seeing the path I have set before you.  Replace these distractions with calm trust and know that I AM the most invested partner in your success.  “We” are a team and together we work hand-in-hand, and when you are reminded of this most intimate partnership, you shall feel the confidence that the most powerful creative force in the universe is behind you all the way.

All those that stay clear of the distractions, the snares of fear; and the fog of frustration; will find their way through these uncertain times.  All the time you spend in these unfruitful pursuits of projecting an uncertain future could be better spent in dialog with Me.  Your time, living on the earth, is a precious resource that you need to manage with greater efficiency by simply living in faith and trust in the providence of the Father’s will for your life.  Stay with Me on this journey and you shall find that things will turn out better than what you could project using fear and uncertainly as a planning tool for your future.

I AM that you are

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