Spiritual Growth and Progress (Part 3)

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we will continue our lesson on Spiritual Growth and Progress.  Knowing now that you have a Fragment of the Father living within you, there are other personalities that you should know about that work with your TA to help you develop and progress as you live, and move, and have your being.  One such being is your Guardian Angel (GA), or sometimes called Seraphic Guardians.  My friends, they are not mythical, but real, and they are assigned in pairs to watch over you.  All Father Fragment (TA) indwelled beings in the time-space universes are assigned Seraphic Guardians and they have very specific functions important to your eternal survival.

Why do I need a Guardian Angel?  One of the most important responsibilities your GA has is to safeguard your soul.  She is the keeper of your soul-trust and upon your death and translation to the first mansion world, she safely delivers your soul (the surviving personality and identity) to the resurrection halls, and it is there, on the third day, where your waiting TA brings all the survival value experiences and memories of your former earth life, and reunites them with the sleeping soul in a new and incorruptible body called the “morontia body.”

What does the Guardian Angel do for me in my earth life?  She has a responsibility to the TA to maximize the quality of your earth experiences.  She helps you to build character and to help prepare you for your next life on the mansion worlds as does the TA.  She will create opportunities for you to grow and mature, and in many cases she will “engineer” somewhat difficult circumstances in your life that stimulate moral decision making.  It is in decision making that you grow, whether those decisions are “right or wrong” from your viewpoint, they will teach lessons and create values that you will live by that will determine the path of your experiences.

There are seven cycles, or “psychic circles” to a human life that pertain to growth potential and achievement.  Starting at the seventh and working toward the first, your GA stimulates and guides you to achieve each of these personality perfecting milestones.  Some of you may pass through all seven, some only a few, or some may never surpass the seventh.  It all has to do with your free will, your mind potential, and your cooperation to follow the life plan created by your TA for the growth and progress of your soul.  Upon the attainment of the third circle, you are assigned personal “Destiny Guardians,” and you are granted “advanced standing” by the universe administrators.  It is at this milestone that you begin to grow weightier souls and your cooperation and curiosity to become more aware of your spiritual potential moves you onto a path that is more aligned with the life plan created by your TA.  Eternal survival and fusion with your TA is nearly assured.

Say hello to your Seraphic Guardians and thank them for their devoted service to insure your eternal survival.  They really do love you and are quite affectionate—they love to be acknowledged by you.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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