Spiritual Growth and Progress (Part 1)

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today and in the coming weeks is about spiritual growth and progress.  What must one do to grow spiritually and become more aware of spirit presence?  There are many ways in which to grow, my friends, and life lessons are certainly a big part of that growth, but many of you students on the path are asking for guidance on how to accelerate spiritual growth and awareness.  There is a way to optimize your time and accelerate your growth if you are willing to discipline yourself and to do the work necessary to bring about the understanding of self and the rudiments of cosmic purpose—ascension.  We begin with this first part of an extended lesson of questions and answers:

Who am I, and why am I here?  We must begin to answer the most basic questions so that you can understand yourself and your purpose, for without this basic understanding, growth is limited.  You are here on this planet, at this particular time, for several purposes.  The primary purpose, in which all people share, is that you are created as a unique aspect of the Creator’s Will in time-space—unique by your personality, which was given to you at birth, and unique in how you will experience life.  You, personally, as an individual, are known and registered in the awareness of the Most High as an ascending son or daughter and is therefore offered the gift of eternal life—to continue the grand adventure from imperfection to god-like perfection.

You are a vessel for the divine expression and you are the “instruments” for gathering unique experiences that will be shared directly with the Supreme Being—the emerging deity of the time-space universes, and indirectly, but instantaneously, with the Universal Father, the First Source and Center, the Father of personality, outside of time at the center of infinity.  The Creator is exploring Himself in His time-space creation through all of you His experiential children.  You are the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of the Creator—the sensors, the explorers.  You are a part of Him, and He is calling all of the time-space evolutionary universes and every sentient being in it from a finite beginning state of imperfection to an eternal state of godlike perfection.  This, in its most rudimentary form, is who you are and why you are here (primary purpose).

How does the Creator experience life through me?  On your planet, all children near the age of six years, having made their first moral decision, are indwelled with an undiluted fragment of the Creator that lives within their mind and becomes the monitor, guide, harvester of experiences, and direct link to the Creator, for which they (you) have bi-directional 24-7 hour access.  Some call this pre-personal fragment by many names: The Higher-self, the Over-soul, the Indwelling Spirit, the Father’s Presence, Thought Adjuster (TA), Mystery Monitor, the Atman, and others. Through this agency, the Creator lives in you, and through you.  You, on the other hand, live, move, and have your being in Him.  You are given identity and total autonomy—free will that you may experience the creation in any way you choose to experience it.

Developing your awareness of this Indwelling Spirit—God Fragment (TA), is key to all perfection attainment, spiritual growth, and forward progression.  Exploring this personal relationship (awareness) with your Thought Adjuster (TA) will be the focus for you students on the path in the next lesson.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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