Soul Evolution – a Marked Change in Spiritual Vibration

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dearest Students,  

I want to share with you a powerful message.  Something that you can take to heart, apply it in your life and be astounded by the spiritual transformation that occurs.  It is not a new concept, and it is something that we have talked about previously—and may be something you have considered and had varying degrees of success with.  What I am speaking about is Soul Evolution—a marked change in spiritual vibration.  It is not magic nor is it something that comes from outside of yourself, but from deep within you.  For many of you, this transformation—this marked change in spiritual vibration, has happened more than once in your life and it shall continue to mold and reshape the soul as required by your Indwelling Spirit (Presence of the Universal Father) to see that you are progressing on a path that leads to fusion—the ultimate transformation of eternal consequence—union with the Divine.

As a human, you are starting out on a journey trying to understand your world and the relationships that  are shaping who you are becoming.  In the background of your mind, mostly unaware to you, is this subtle voice that speaks to you at times when decisions are to be made.  It’s a voice that sounds like your own thoughts, but is different in that it never judges or tells you that you are not good enough—it simply points and suggests—it might even suggest that you take your umbrella on a sunny morning, which you ignore, and come to find later it would have kept you dry from a late afternoon thunderstorm.  Sometimes you hear this voice suggesting that you disengage from a confrontation.  Again, you ignore it (because you have to be right) and find you have stirred a hornets nest of resentment.

Having ignored many of these gentle pointers and suggestions over the years—and then realizing the consequences, some of you may start to take notice and begin to trust these gentle prompts when they occur.  Moreover, at times of great decision, an astounding synchronicity may cause you to take pause and consider a deeper meaning—you might even begin to see a pattern of guidance in these occurrences that seem to be almost too fantastic to ignore.  Soon an acceptance of trust may develop that signals to your Indwelling Spirit that you are approaching a transformation.  When trust turns into faith by “asking” for help from this unseen mystery—this now becomes a matter of “relationship.”  At this point, something truly wonderful happens—the soul makes a leap in progress—a marked change occurs in “attunement” (vibrational alignment) with you and the Indwelling Spirit.

This marked change in your thinking gives the Indwelling Spirit something more to work with. The Divine Partner will continue to make contact in patterns that you recognize and acknowledge to help build a greater relationship.  These patterns continue throughout your life in varying degrees of conscious awareness and through meaningful experiences until you reach a point of acknowledging the Divine Partnership as more than mere guidance.  When the idea that a Creator of all things becomes a reality in your mind—and you acknowledge that you have the attention of this Creator through your communications (asking for help and guidance) and receiving it, you are very near another level of attunement.  You are on the cusp of understanding that there is a Divine Will and a Human Will in the relationship.

The most powerful place of attunement with the Indwelling Spirit comes when you choose to  “consecrate” your human will with the Divine Will.  This means that you, in faith, recognize that you are a child of the Creator and that you unequivocally place your trust in this loving relationship accepting that the Will of the Creator leads to a greater destiny than does your human will to control the events of your life.  You have now moved into the “Phases of Consecration.”  These are deepening levels of awareness of “cause and effect” that strengthen your relationship with the Indwelling Spirit.  It is here that you see the fingerprints of Spirit guidance in everyday life and your communication with Spirit is nearly unceasing—your thoughts become shared.  These Phases of Consecration—your surrender to the Divine Will of the Creator continues here and hereafter as a part of your perfecting Soul Evolution.  

What then, you might ask, is the result of consecrating your will with the Universal Father’s Will?  From a human standpoint, you would refer to the one human who achieved the highest level of consecration while living on Urantia—Jesus of Nazareth.  He understood that by surrendering his human will, in total faith and trust to His Heavenly Father, that all things were possible—miracles and mass healing—even the raising of the dead to life!  At the higher levels of consecration, humans in increasing numbers shall achieve fusion with their Indwelling Spirit (on Urantia) and forego human death—translating directly to the resurrection chambers of the higher spirit worlds!  

Dare to explore these levels of consecration and trust, my dear students, and know that these things are possible.  

Believing in your potential,

I AM Uteah

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