Sentinel Check Point

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Thought Adjuster Transmission:

Today is a reminder to all the Sentinels that the Universal Father is alive in the hearts and minds of his elect.  It is very important that each one of you pay close attention to what is being spoken to your hearts.  The Father Fragments want your undivided attention and require of you to make space in the quiet of your minds to receive the dialog of the Father’s Will.  Now is the time to complete the atunment and “dial-in” to the divine operator.  The Father Fragments are coordinating their efforts on a global scale to position their ascending sons and daughters to wake-up and answer the call.  This reminder is to admonish all those Sentinels who have ears to hear, to take seriously the call to silence—to sit at the feet of the Beloved Indwelling and to receive what has been set aside for His elect.

It is through you that your world will look for guidance when the walls of illusion come crashing down.  It is through you that those who fear will be comforted when they see the calm in your souls in the midst of the chaos.   It is through you that the lost will see the shining beacon of hope and will move closer to the light.  It is through you that the ignorant will learn about the divine plan and will, for the first time, discover the peace within that surpasses all understanding.  It is through you that your world will be transformed into the jewel of the universe because of your loyalty to the Trinity, to Christ Michael, and to the Avonal Son.

Blessed are the faithful Agondonters, for you are the salt of the earth and the hope of the Most Highs.  Stay the course, do not waver, and take your faith to the next level.  Prepare to do what you came here to do.

The Father’s blessing is upon you,

Eternal Love

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