See the Brilliance of the Universal Father in every Soul

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Dear One, in answer to the questions asked about the nature of the Universal Father’s personality and whether he is personal or impersonal, and how He relates to human personality, let me define and clarify somewhat, what personality is perceived to be, and what is not. No being of any order in the universe of universes can fully grasp the true and absolute nature of personality—it is beyond understanding, but for any creature having a god-conscious mind, personality is understood in varying degrees, and most rudimentary, in the fact that to know and love another, there must exist personhood or personality. You can say you “love” a favorite book, a song, or some material comfort, but in reality those are only affectionate reactions to your own personality making a choice to recognize truth, or beauty. Goodness, however, can only be perceived by the relationship of two personalities.

When we say the Universal Father is both personal and impersonal, what we are discerning is the nature by which He manifests reality and how He chooses to be both present in the minds of his children and present in the creation in which they “live, and move, and have their being.” To the finite mind, there exist a paradox—the Father is both personal and impersonal. You are the farthest from Him who resides at the center of infinity and eternity, and yet closest to Him through his Indwelling Spirit presence in your mind via the divine fragment, the Thought Adjuster (TA).

The TA must be impersonal with respect to the free will endowment of the creature and the direct experiential relationship with the universal Father. For if the TA had its own personality that would mean it would be something less than the total personality of the Universal Father and therefore could not be a direct indwelling of the Father Himself. Whether you understand this or not, the Universal Father—His personality, is in direct communion with you and your personality and with every other personality in creation. The impersonal aspect of the TA is a functional requirement of deity sovereignty and is pre-personal in that it functions to facilitate a personalized service to bring the creature, of whatever order or state of spiritual maturity, to an increasingly greater state of understanding of the nature and personality of the Universal Father as He exists in his domain of perfection—something you as a human with a finite mind cannot comprehend in your current state of spiritual immaturity.

It is a fact that no human could stand before the brilliance of the Universal Father in his domain of perfection and live. The gulf between the two natures is existentially incompatible and vibrationally discordant. Therefore does the Universal Father love his children personally and makes a way for them to approach and understand His brilliance and total personality by guiding them (via the pre-personal agency of the TA) to god-like perfection by “up-stepping” the consciousness and vibrational signature of each soul in tolerable increments according to their free will allowance of assimilating the nature and personality of the Universal Father (His Will) as they understand it from their juxtaposition in space and time.

As you may surmise, there is much, much more to be said about this topic and how it affects your relationship with other human personalities as you mature spiritually. As you relate to one another (person to person), you learn through pattern recognition and evaluation—the disparity between the inherent love of the divine personality present in your mind (Father via TA), with that of the animal nature of humans and their immature understanding of perfect personality. As you work through this in time and in eternity, you begin to see the divinity in every creature—the divine signature reveals itself as you look beyond the imperfections of your fellows (non-personal) and see the brilliance of the Universal Father in every soul.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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