Sacred Spaces

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 3 Jul 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about having sacred spaces—those areas of personal retreat where you can be alone with God and feel completely safe, where it is tranquil, and where you can open your heart and truly worship the Divine.  It is in this space that you can feel  oneness of being because you have willed that only you and God, Divine Parent and child, may enter in here.  In this sacred space there can be no other purpose except to co-exist with God in this most intimate way.  He knows all about you, every cell in your body does he see; every thought in your mind does he share; every intension in your heart does he search down into the deepest chambers.  It is this total intimacy of being that melts away the illusion of separation, and it is in this sacred space that you create that opens the door to truth, beauty, and the goodness of all things that are possible when the creature worships the Creator.

Do you have a sacred space where you go and close the door on the world where you can be alone with God?  Is there a place in your home, your yard, or in a near by park?  It can be anywhere you decide that gives you the tranquility of mind that sets a tone for this intimate exchange between you and God.  You can have one or many of these special places—it is for you to decide.  It could be your bedroom, your yard, or a special place in nature where you are surrounded by the beauty of the realm.  It is your space and only you and God may enter in there.

What happens in this sacred space?  This is where you can give thanks and gratitude for all the blessings and learned lessons; where you reveal your deepest hopes and desires; and where you pray for others.  This is where you share all that you are and even ask that the beauty of the moment be a shared experienced with God—your sacred offering to the Supreme.  In this place you can listen to the whispers of God by settling into a stillness of mind where no other thoughts or worries of the day may interfere.  There is a renewing of mind and spirit that takes place when you come into the presence of the Divine—this is true peace and true understanding—beyond all words and language—true rest for the growing soul.

Go there today my friends and throw off all the negativity and contamination from worldly encounters, or from trespasses you have made.  Forgive all, have compassion for all, and wash yourself clean before entering your sacred space.  No guilty thought or material want may enter in here.  Dress yourself in the alabaster garments of righteousness, sit humbly and confidently at the feet of God, for in this sacred space there is holy communion, communication—true worship.  Fill yourself with the Divine Vibration and let it mingle into your soul until the lines of separation have vanished from your mind.  Go now and be at peace in your sacred space.


The Circle of Seven