Reality Perception

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today's message is about the way in which you perceive reality.  How is it that men and women can, at one time in their lives, be so much in love with each other, then, after the passing of time and children, they sometimes displace this intimate love feeling with disrespect and use the other for a mental whipping post as the challenges of life come along and provide soul changing opportunities?  Not only does this happen with married couples, but with intimate friendships between both men and women.  This taking for granted mindset in your culture is systemic and this is one of those behaviors that must be changed on your world if this planet is to come into Light and Life.

Not all marriages work out, and not all friendships work out—that is they provide no real framework for the support and nurturing of the other's personality maturation—the give and take sharing of the burdens in life and the joys of the other's successes.  Often times these relationships come about to satisfy the short term gratifications of the ego or as teaching lessons that are not meant to last. These relationships are often prone to failure because of the misperception of reality—that is the individuals fail to recognize the bigger picture in life—the potential to live eternally through the desire to become Godlike.

On other worlds that are settled in Light and Life, every man, woman, and child knows about the bigger picture, that is they are conscious about their indwelling spirit, and the path and destiny of eternal life in God's grand universe.  They know and understand the importance of personality maturation and the path of perfection attainment, yet this does not mean they must follow the program, but they are at least conscious of it and can make decisions based on their understanding of it.  They are not born with this knowledge, no, but rather is this advanced god consciousness embedded into their societies and cultures on a planetary scale.  Education from birth is key to obliterating the misperceptions of reality that you now suffer from, and the Correcting Time has been inaugurated to bring about this change in reality for which you are the key change agent.

Those of you who are now awakening to the reality of eternal life, and are on the path to true god consciousness, should be teaching this path of love to your children, friends and family through the example of your life and the fruits of the spirit.  Tell your loved ones how the knowingness of God's love has changed your life and changed your reality—that you now have a direction in life that goes beyond the mundane temporal existence of unconscious living in a material world—one that embraces the true realities of eternity and unending service in the sublime realms of the Father's house.

This shift in perception, my friends, happens one soul at a time, and it was this very shift in reality perception that all the sages and holy men of old spoke of.  This was the very mission of our own Creator Son as he walked this earth teaching and preaching to bring all men and all women into the kingdom of sonship—reality in the family of God.


The Circle of Seven.

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