Real Love is Freedom

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to, once again, speak about the human interpretation of Divine Love. I say “interpretation” because you as imperfect beings who are so young in spirit are only now just discovering the very rudiments of this more pure form of “real love.” It is said that “real love” is rare and difficult to find. Why is that? Mostly it is because there are so few role models on your world who embody it and express it in ways that are acceptable by your societies. “Acceptable” means love is under the constraints of societal memes. You are taught how to love mostly by social conditioning which excludes the more real and purified forms of love that can only be expressed and received by the soul. Spiritual love is rare and mostly misunderstood.

The closest thing to this more purified love that most understand is what a mother or father experiences with their children, yet this is only a small part love and one that also places constraints and conditions upon the connection between parent and child. What we are speaking about today is the spiritual form of love between two souls who are vibrating at nearly the same frequency. The attraction is there because of the “like attracts like” principal of the universe, yet this alone is not sufficient to know and discover the deeper levels of divine/human love.

To get to this deeper level, there must be a “peeling away” process of unraveling the distorted concepts and accepted memes that are conditioned into your thought processes by a world that was cut off from its connection to this form of deeper love by the rebellion that occurred here so many years ago that left a wake of confusion about what unconditional love really means. The greatest barrier to discovering this blissful state of knowing real love is fear. By releasing fear and embracing love through the expression of real feelings can you begin to see and discover what lies beneath the heavy layers placed on you by a confused world.

We hear all too often here on the mansion worlds the regrets of so many souls and how they wished that they would have expressed their true feelings and said the words, “I love you” but withheld it because of fear of rejection, or pride, or any number of excuses that prevented them from acting from a place of real love. Some of you actually don’t want to hear those words because it infers a distorted reminder of a relationship that put staggering constraints and controls on your freedoms and so you have not a true reference to accept those words as the meaning for which it was intended. Don’t give up dear ones, you can attract and learn how to love as it was intended by the Creator, but to find it, you must be willing to release your attachments to the conditions.

The soul is naturally drawn to this more pure form of love, but it is the interference of the mind and the ego that buries that natural attraction under loads of heavy expectations. It is the journey of the soul to learn how to love by becoming aware of what it is not! It is the process of elimination, my friends, to become aware of all those things that do not feel good and to let go of your fears and expectations and let real love settle in and become a part of you. Real love is freedom and this is what you have been given by the Creator—the freedom to love and to choose your own path. To willfully choose the path of love over all other alternatives will always bring you to a greater understanding of Divine Love and godlikeness.

Peace and Love to you,

The Circle of Seven

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