Put Your Imaginations to the Test

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today’s message is about exploration and imagination. These are two very important functions for the development of the soul because they are the two vital ingredients for creativity and the catalyst that starts the universe engine running to fulfill the desires of the mind by providing the opportunities that lead to change. It is your “Father-like” ability to imagine and explore—to create something in the mind and see it as if it were reality, for when you see it in your mind’s eye, you can bring that thing into your reality with the use of your will and by acting on the opportunities that present themselves to you as the universe provides them.

Life was never meant to be a drudgery of mundane events, but an unending adventure of discovery, for it is the Father’s Will to explore the creation through the lives of his created children. Therefore has he given you the god-like ability to create anything in the mind through imagination and free will—then can He provide the opportunity for you to fulfill that desire and to bring it into your reality. Every man made material thing that enriches your lives was first conceived in the mind of man through imagination using this creative function.

Music, art, and literature are pure imagination and exploration and when an artist or writer is in that creative space, he or she is using the highest faculties of the soul-mind—that part of mind that is accessing the same creative force that created the universes, only in attenuated form. When your intentions are to use this creative force for the good of all, then do we (spirit) get behind you and assist you in the entire process from beginning to end as long as you are willing to see it through to its birth in your reality.

There are many dreamers who have great ability to create in mind, but who fall short in bringing those dreams into their reality because of some self-esteem issue where someone in their lives told them they were incapable or lacked the intelligence to succeed and they believed this untruth. Each one of you has been endowed with the Ultimate Creative Spark, the Indwelling Spirit. It is through this undiluted fragment of divinity that provides the infinite potential that shall bring you to god-like perfection, and so there really is no limit other than your own disbelief, that can stop you from achieving anything you desire. Even the most fantastic of imaginings can be fulfilled, perhaps not in this life, but most certainly out in the higher planes of the multiverse.

My friends, most of you have been programmed to believe an untruth—you are constantly bombarded with mixed signals and self-imposed limitations from family, the media, and societal memes that tell you that you are just material beings subject to the circumstances of your environment, but I tell you this is not so! The world has dismissed the greater part of who you are—the creator within! Use this time you have upon the earth to create and make the world a better place. We will be at your side to assist you and help you move those mountains. Put your imaginations to the test—use your will to see it through to the end result, and watch the gears of the universe begin to turn for you, for it is God’s will to “make it so.”

It is the time-creation that provides the elements of adventure, but it is your god-like creative imagination that molds it into being.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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