Progress of the Individual

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today's messages is about the spiritual progress of the individual.  This in no way is a pursuit of selfish intent, but rather, a co-creative partnership between the Indwelling Spirit and the soul of the individual to develop the qualities and the capacity necessary for eternal life and sonship in the Father's creation: Childlike faith in the sovereignty of God; mercy, understanding, and compassion for one's fellows; a heart for service to one's fellows; genuine love for the Creator and His creation; the realization of the oneness and the connectedness of all things and beings; and pursuant to the likeness of God through the attributes of truth, beauty, and goodness.

This is not a list to be crossed off as you make your way through life on this world, but rather, these things are to be learned and experienced—woven into the fabric of your life, here and hereafter, building upon previous lessons as you discover new meanings and values that develop the character and the personality of the soul—the harvesting of survival value experiences to be shared with the Supreme Being.

Throughout your eternal career you will continue to learn and grow; teach and serve, and discover new meaning and values as you increase your capacity for understanding the mysteries of God.  For as you transition from one level to the next, so too will you receive this greater capacity for understanding.  You will forever find increase in the desire to become godlike the more you understand how to discipline the mind and use the gifts of God power given to the worthy souls who align their will with the Creator's Will and to do those things that create progressive change in the lives of others, while you change as a result of living this divine love-path.

It is very important, for the continued progress of the individual, to rid yourself of the self-limiting thoughts and emotions derived from fear, an unforgiving spirit; and guilt as a result of some past failure, real or imagined.  Ask for forgiveness and make your amends so you an start out with a clean heart, as it were, and move forward in the divine pursuit of perfection attainment.  God loves all His children and desires all to partake of the grand adventure of eternity, to become perfect, like He is perfect—to seek Him out as you marvel at the sublimity of His creation on your way to paradise and beyond.

Perfection is not automatic my beloved friends, it takes real courage and real intuitive on your part to create change in the way you think and feel.  What small step can you take today to move in the positive direction of perfection attainment?  Search your soul and make that move, for there is no greater achievement than to move closer too, and become more reflective of our beloved Creator.


The Circle of Seven

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