Preparing the Soil of the Soul for Progress (Part-1)

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear students on the path, we would like to speak about the healing of minds. There is much dysfunction and confusion in the minds of many of your brothers and sisters and there are certain techniques you may use to begin the healing process for those who so desperately need it—to assist them and guide them on a progressive path to self-discovery and what lies beneath the heavy facade of their own wounded and conditioned minds. As always, this energetic work is to be executed with compassion, mercy, and Fatherly love—prayer with surgical precision.

To begin, we would ask that you connect with your own guidance teams and ask your Thought Adjuster (TA) to coordinate the communication between you and the patient to be healed. To ensure a pure connection we asked that you examine yourself first and ask that all energetic attachments be cleared and that your own auric fields are clean and filled with light.

There are many who are weighted down with all manner of dysfunctional maladies of the mind and who may not be consciously open to any kind of divine intervention; spiritual energy or healing. For many, this is a “condition” of the mind—the wounded child putting up a façade to protect from further injury. However, this is not so in the subconscious mind where they are crying out for love, mercy, and compassion—wanting to be healed, loved, and set on a path that leads to purpose in life.

When you find willingness on the part of the inner child to open up to divine healing through the subconscious mind, you have secured the free-will acknowledgment of the individual to proceed with this healing. To do this, you first ask your TA to connect with the subconscious mind of the patient. You then identify yourself and state your intention to assist them in their own healing. When you have permission, you would begin by asking their guidance (TA, GA, and other guides) to clear their auric field of all energetic attachments. Then ask if there is any damage to this field—if so, ask for the field to be healed and filled with unconditional love. This is the preparation for the healing—to get the energy system ready to function with enough capability to facilitate the healing process.

Some of you students are healers and understand more about the auric field and how it may function and you may be very precise in your direction for the healing, but for those who are less aware of these energetic functions, we ask that you have confidence in the ability of the patient’s own guidance team to give them what they need. In essence, you are asking (“Ask and it is given”) that they initiate the healing by releasing all negative and trapped emotions in the chakra fields starting at the root and working up through each chakra to the crown and above the crown. It is these negative emotions, fears, and wounded feelings that block them in life to deal with any deeper sense of self and purpose, and until these can be cleared, it is very difficult for them to move forward in any progressive way.

What you are doing is assisting in the preparation for their healing by asking for this clearing work. It is, however, still up to the individual to take the lead once these energetic blocks have been removed. Once the energetic cleansing has begun, the conscious mind is more open to doing the work of further healing. We see from our vantage point (from the spiritual realm) that billions of people on the planet suffer from this “energetic pollution” and we are calling on the student healers to take up the work of “preparing the soil of the soul” for progress. A world cannot enter Light and Life until the individuals are healed and ready to participate in it.

We ask that you begin first with friends, family, and acquaintances. Then, once you are confident in the work, you move to small groups—then larger groups. This progressive approach will eventually prove to be more productive and efficient. Your assistance in this area is needed, my dear students, to promote the next phase of correction on your world. As always, when you have questions, ask your TA for guidance—“Ask and it is given!”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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