Operator of the Light Field - Part 3

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

In this third and final message in this series, we shall explore the most important factor in using the Light Field--to bring alignment with your will and vision with that of the Operator of the Light Field--your Indwelling Presence of the Father.  The strongest potentials for success happen when your vision is aligned in some way with the Great Plan--to see that your vision promotes the progress of universe destiny in a way that will manifest in the form of a "collective growth."  Using your heart, you want to "feel" a collective vision--what is truly needed, and understand that by wanting this vision to unfold for yourself, you are leveraging humanity's collective desire to see its benefits are shared with all others.  This is a "pooling of potentials," but with a more focused approach.

An example of this would be finding a cure to a disease that plagues many people.  A doctor might leverage the potentials in the Light Field by "feeling" the collective need of a multitude of people suffering from this disease.  With a focused intention to serve humanity (collective growth), this doctor could begin the process of co-creating a cure, with his Indwelling Spirit, and pool the potentials in the collective consciousness to strengthen the vision in the Light Field.  This vision would manifest in a series of opportunities and events that lead to the development and procurement of the cure.  By developing this cure, the collective benefit is served and there is growth--Universe destiny moves ever closer to the reality of the Universal Father's Great Plan.

The focused approach is the important part to understand.  This requires that you understand you have a relationship with your Indwelling Spirit--your Thought Adjuster.  Like working together with a great teammate, you collaborate your work by understanding that your ability to feel and visualize an idea comes to you from the co-creative endeavor between you and the Adjuster.  Many people like to fantasize that if they wish for something, it will come.  This is a fatal flaw in their thinking.  The Thought Adjuster is a powerful partner, but only a partner, and it is your responsibility to work with this  Adjuster to "see your vision" and to work out the problems and understand how the relationship works between you and the Adjuster.  You cannot just read about it--you must experience the synergy of the process and try different approaches until you get that "ah-ha" moment where everything aligns.  When this occurs, you nearly sense that all the steps before you are already worked out and waiting for the opportunities to present themselves.  This is a "solidified" Light Field potential.

Your imagination is the engine that drives the manifestation of any idea.  The Adjuster provides the mechanics to project your vision in the Light Field, and it is your co-creative partnership (Spirit, mind, and energy together) that brings the vision to life, first in the Light Field, then in the theater (reality).  You must understand that you live in a reality that is not the same as it is for a light being--light on your world is slowed down to a more solid form and you vibrate at a much lower frequency than do your angels.  

It is required that you transmute light into the reality that you live in, and this describes the relationship and partnership of Light and Solid (the Adjuster and you).  Prayer, working with your guides, and your Adjuster provides the light potentials, but you are to work co-creatively in the imagination and then in the actions needed to step into the manifesting opportunities that lead to the outcome.  Please meditate on these words and understand them, for it is vital to using these tools in building a better world for you and your grandchildren.

Always in Light,

I AM Uteah

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