On your world and all the way to Paradise

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Chris: Teacher Ophelius, I have been given some very insightful questions by a reader that many of us would like to know more about that pertains to methods of communication and how we may best connect with various circuits of spirit including: Father, Son, Holy Spirit; our TA, Spirit of Truth, and Mansion World Teachers? Is there an optimal brain wave state that is best for connecting with all these various agencies? Is personality a factor in the degree of success in contacting these circuits? Could you please explain these relationships in some detail?

Ophelius: Dear one, you have mentioned the word “relationships” and this is the key to all connections, near and far—on your world and all the way to Paradise. This is the fundamental synergy to establish an exchange of energies. For you cannot have a connection with a stranger unless you know something about them—to meet and greet them and share the energy of your personality. You may pass a stranger on the street and make eye contact, but unless you stop and attempt a connection by communication—asking questions, or exchanging information, the stranger will pass you by and you may never again chance to meet this person.

Your very inquiry about connecting with these various circuits of Spirit brings you in closer to establishing the synergistic channels for engagement. Many of you students reading this message may not have a relationship with me, but you know my personality, to some extent, by reading the messages that come through this one. Your next step in connecting with me would be to introduce yourself and exchange the energy of your personality with me. Your personality is a unique identifier and when you call to me, introduce yourself, and ask me a question or share a concern, you are establishing a relationship. The more time and energy you put into this relationship with me will determine the quantity and quality of the exchange.

This is true also for all the circuits of Spirit. Your text and these messages are teaching you about the various personalities and circuits that are available to you. Now you may take the next step by reaching out in faith, and by the spark of your personality, try to engage these energies. Certainly meditation is helpful to clear the mind of chatter, but more importantly is your desire to connect and establish a relationship. Circuits only lead to the source of the circuit and so you will want to use the circuit just as you use a phone—to connect with the personality in your directory. The circuit is transparent—it is only a means by which you connect.

If perhaps you would like to know more about accessing the Spirit of Truth, you must know something about it—it’s function, its origin, and its purpose. Then you would first search for information that references Spirit of Truth and become familiar with what the author is saying about it. You know from your text that Jesus first revealed this information to His Apostles and told them that He would send this Spirit of Truth to be poured out on all flesh after he returned to the Father—that it would be a “comforter” and would be the essence of His spirit alive in the world. As I said, circuits lead to the source. If you were to learn more about the Master—his life, his personality, and his mission on earth, you would then have established the first part of a relationship. Then being familiar with his personality through the written word, you take the next step by introducing yourself and engaging His energy with your personality. The more energy you put into this connection, the greater will it become. “Hearing” is the result of “knowing” who is on the other end of the connection. The more intimately you know them, the more alike in mind you become—you begin to think (vibration alignment) and choose how to process thoughts in the “spirit” of this connection.

Apply this principal to all those personalities and circuits you desire to connect with and decide which ones you will invest your energy and time with and they shall reciprocate.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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