“Now, I have created a controversy!”

Teacher: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Greetings my dear brothers and sisters. I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak with you and share some of what I have learned since passing from flesh and moving on into the light of mansion world life. While in my life on earth, my psychic abilities to “pierce the veil” were recognized as extraordinary, yet it only allowed for a shadowy glimpse of spiritual realities that are far more vivid and filled with knowledge and wisdom beyond even what I could have imagined while in the flesh. In retrospect, some of the ideals I taught were relatively true, while others were based on perceived knowledge given the experiences I was having at the time mixed with centuries of recorded theories from ancient text (secret doctrines).

I have an “arrangement” with this receiver that intimately connects us—the means of which many of you will find quite “controversial”—a word that has been used to define my life on earth and shall continue until the days of enlightenment dawn upon the earth. While on the earth, my passion was and continues to be soul mechanics—something that is “vibrationally aligned” with this receiver. It was my thirst for truth and knowledge and an “openness” to learn new ideals that has propelled me here on the mansion worlds.

Soul mechanics are complex, even beyond my current knowing, yet I have a watershed understanding compared to the secret doctrines and new age beliefs about life and death—after life and the theories of reincarnation. This “arrangement” I have with this one can be a seed which may help you understand more about how the soul progresses—how groups of souls progress—how the Oversoul of creation emerges (the Supreme). It is in the seed that the spirit of the mighty oak lives—the seed is alive! This one carries many seeds within his soul—one being a fragment of my own—yet we both live and have souls—how can this be?

The concept of fragmentation is inherent in both the Father (Thought Adjusters) and in his children (the soul). It is a way for all things—souls, planets, systems, and universes, to keep moving forward toward perfection—all questions answered—all lessons learned (all experience).

Now, I have created a controversy! I have upset many of you having crystallized the secret doctrines, yet there are far more that shall take this little seed of knowledge and begin to connect the dots and realize how deep and unfathomable the Creator is in guiding his children on the path to perfection. There is never “one way” in which the soul grows. The creative principal is to try something new! So many combinations of ideas are “born” to create the extraordinary—to have a unique experience. Cross-pollination creates some of the heartiest plants does it not? Why?

I leave you now with these seeds of knowledge that you may ponder.

Do not be afraid of your difficulties,

I AM H.P. Blavatsky

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