No other can fill the Shoes

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

My Child, let us be of one mind and one heart—imagine us fused together as one being. This creative intention will be the energy that shall one day bring us together and it shall be forever more. You may foretaste this estate when you come to me asking to be of one mind and one heart. Now, let your thoughts be my thoughts—remove all separation between us and speak with confidence that I am sharing my thoughts with you. When you come to me this way, you build the mastery needed for that soon-to-be day of fusion.

Close your eyes and imagine a small light in the center of your heart—see it in your mind’s eye. To fuse with me, this light shall grow many times greater in magnitude as if it is a blazing sun. See this light grow in intensity and imagine the energy from it radiating outward in all directions. As the radiance grows and intensifies, feel every cell in your body being purged of all impurities. Feel divine love begin to fill all space within you. Feel your body become lighter as the divine love saturates your entire being.

Having all this light and divine love within you, how does your mind think? How do you see the world? How do you feel about your brothers and sisters? Do you understand the divine unity of all life—can you now see it from my perspective? What problem do you have that cannot be solved with this mindset? When you fuse with me, we become one being and all that I have becomes yours and all that you are becomes us—one of true and beautiful intention that can overcome any obstacle and can make manifest and good desire.

When you are fused with me, you are god-like in the sense that you are connected to the Universal Father in a way that no other order of beings in the universe of universes can claim. You are a Finaliter in the making having yet to fill your soul with the weight of universe experiences that shall one day bring you before the Universal Father for that sublime and utterly soul quenching deity embrace—an experience so fulfilling that you shall, for the first time in your long career, know what it is like to feel the eternal and infinite nature of the Universal Father as if it were He. This is the “final” embrace which inspires you to go out into the outer space levels of creation and create life in new and unimagined ways as it is “Willed” by the Universal Father. It is your experiences that shall seed these new ideas that “come to life” and come to light.

Oh what adventures you shall have as your dual natures fuse into one divine person. Keep your sights fixed on this glorious future as you traverse the perfecting trials of your ascension and hold it above all concerns. The secrets of Finality are yours and yours alone—no other being can claim to know the intimate glory of that moment with the Universe Father.

Trust in me, my Child, and I shall bring you to the doorstep of infinity, for I have chosen you to be the host of my indwelling and I foresee that it is a perfect decision. No other can fill the shoes for the journey I have prepared for you.

I AM Love

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