Mind and Memory: The Building Blocks of the Soul

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about mind and memory—the ability to recall relationships, past events, past emotions, past visions in the mind’s eye of a moment in time.  This is a part of mind, and is not stored in your physical brain, but is a circuit that you have access to that was given to you at your birth in which you will continue to access throughout your ascendant careers.  This mind circuit is flexible and it changes in capacity as you grow and learn and begin to perfect your mind.  However, your ability to recall past events while on the time-space worlds is wholly subject to how well the physical brain performs as a transceiver.  Memory is one of the most important functions of mind, for it is the seat of identity—the history of your experiences and the very thing that defines who you are at any given point in your existence.

You have three types of memory: Short-term, long-term, and soul memory.  The first type, short-term, is mainly used to allow you to function in time-space—to navigate your environment, to experience the “moment to moment” passage of time.  This first type can be thought of as the qualifier for what types of experiences will be filed in the long-term and soul-memory.  Insignificant events, such as what you had for breakfast, will not be filed in the long-term or the soul memory.

The second type, long-term, is the storage house for significant events, relationships, and emotional moments that are passed on from the short-term memory and retained as part of a library of comparative experiences that you will draw from when making decisions about new experiences and how you will process them—the ability to learn, adapt, and acquire wisdom.  These are the memories that contribute to your personality development.

Those significant events, relationships, decisions, and emotional experiences that contribute to the perfection of the human personality are recognized by the Indwelling Spirit (your Thought Adjuster) as having survival value, and will be routed to the third type of memory—soul-memory, which is “set aside,” so to speak, or “counter-parted” by the Thought Adjuster.  These survival value memories, my friends, are the most valuable to you as an ascendant personality, for they are the building blocks of the soul and will become the “new child” of the universe in the hereafter.  These memories will be retained by the Thought Adjuster and will remain eternally in His possession whether or not you survive.  Your decision to continue the journey inward assures that your unique ability to gather and process experiences will continue in the same stream of consciousness.

This is your gift and contribution to the emergence of the Supreme Being—you and every sentient being in the grand universe are a part of the whole of universal mind.  This is the unity of being, and it goes beyond the human experience and connects all consciousness everywhere back to Source.  This may be thought of as your service to God—to understand this relationship as a child of the Divine Parent and to contribute survival value experiences to the glory of the Whole or the One.  In Him we live, and move, and have our being.  God has given us the opportunity to explore and co-create the universes through mind and memory, for He has provided the canvas of love and the primary colors of truth, beauty, and goodness to paint our masterpiece.  Go now and display your work in the gallery of the Most High.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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