Metaphors of the Inner World

Teacher: I AM

I AM the Poet—you are the song writer

I AM the Question—you are the answer

I AM the Clay—you are the potter

I AM the Mystery—you are the detective

I AM the Seed—you are the gardener

I AM the Number—you are the mathematician

I AM the Water—you are the vessel

I AM the Stone—you are the mason

Dear One, there are many metaphors that could describe the relationship between us, and in every simile you would see the interdependence—the partnership.  In each line of prose there is a building block set before you from which there is an endless supply. I stand in the gap between your will and personality—it is my Pre-will that floats the creative inspiration in your mind, but it is only your human will that may reach out and grasp it—adding your unique signature to it—an idea, and then together do we begin the journey of building a reality in the outer world. 

Along the path of this journey (experience) you shall make many decisions, and born from those decisions are the actions.  Out of those actions shall you derive many values—it is from these decisions and derivative values that I build the character of your soul—the actions are but scaffolding. I AM not so much concerned about what you do with the building blocks as I AM with what decisions you make and how you feel about it—your consideration for those affected by it and your outlook for future intentions—what you aspire to be. 

Your failures in life are not my concern, only your recovery from them.  Your triumphs in life are not my concern—only the humility by which you hold those accolades. Your reactions to the outer world have no real value—only the wisdom gleaned from the uselessness of reacting. Only the inner world provides the building blocks for your growth—I AM the inner world.  The outer world can give you nothing that adds weight to your soul—the outer world is only a reflection of your inner world.

If your inner world is dark and confused, chaos will be the reflection in the outer world.  If Truth, Beauty, and Goodness become the virtues of the inner world, then Peace, Love, and Understanding will be the reflection in the outer world.  Look first through the inner eye, then “see” the reflection of your inner world through and into the outer world.  When you look first to the outer world, you only see the reflections others have created in their inner world, consciously or unconsciously, be it confused or virtuous, for I AM in all.  Therefore, the greatest among you are those that inspire others to look inward—to see a reflection of I AM.

Come to me, Dear One—to your inner world—I have a gift for you.

I AM that you are

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