Meet Me at the Well

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

It should be no surprise to you that an enlightened age requires more and more of its citizens to understand the higher knowledge that is available to them through the Thought Adjuster (TA) circuit via the soul-mind/super-conscious mind.  The enhanced circuits that carry Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge are now accessible to your Thought Adjuster and with your conscious intention, you may work with your TA and Destiny Guardians to attune your consciousness to receive this higher knowledge through insights, feelings, co-creative ideas, and visualizations.  The potentials for spiritual growth are pregnant with possibilities, and you students have the support of your guidance teams to bring you to new levels of service and growth if you are so willing to reach for it?

Now is the time to take an inventory of your conscious waking moments and think about how you pass time each day?  If you had access to a magic well and you could simply go there and draw up the water and drink giving you prosperity;  higher knowledge; healing and vitality; creativity; and a magnetism for attracting loving relationships—would you take the time to go there each day?  Most of you would answer, “Yes!”  This is where humanity is in their thinking—they would go and do those things in the outer world to obtain the virtues of life without having to apply mental effort to experience growth of the inner life where these things truly exist and are available to all.

I say this not as a condemnation, but as a matter of fact—that your world has been conditioned to think this way.  Further more, if there was a magic well, many on your world would keep it secret and not share—not because of selfishness, but because of fear that others would take it from them. The rebellion mindset wants “something for nothing”--to receive without giving or to gain advantage over others out of cunning or rivalry.  

To bring a world to an enlightened age first requires a healing of human consciousness—to understand the rebellion mindset and its conditioning, then to apply therapies—to do the inner-work necessary to receive the healing.  This is where your world is now—it is seeing the destructive nature of the rebellion mindset and finding it no longer satisfies the longings of the soul.  There is a well of healing and prosperity and it lives within each of you—and it does not require that you go into a cave for years of meditation to find it—you only need the faith and trust to know that if you reach up, there is a hand there to support and guide you.  Once you discover this supporting hand, you will find that you have another hand that is idle and can be used to reach down to pull others up.  This is the way of progress.

Your TA and guidance team are waiting at the well, but it does require that you spend more of your waking moments in deep thought; in reflection; in asking questions; in listening for options; and then making decisions—not out if fear, but out of faith, hope, and trust, that your Heavenly Father knows what you need and wants you to experience life and have it more abundantly.  Co-creation is the product of human desires with the expression of spiritual understanding. 

If you examine your desires from a spiritual perspective, you will see those things in your thinking that need more light.  This is where your TA and guidance team can help you most.  Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge is available to shine a light on those areas of your mind that need more light.  Ask for it willingly—to shine a light on the remnants of the rebellion mindset that you may understand it and transcend it.

Meet me at the well,

I AM Uteah 

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