Manifest Love from the Great Potential

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today’s message is very special, for it contains the attachment of energetic vibrations that can elevate your own spiritual signature and raise the level of your awareness. You may ask, “How can mere words read from a document transmute spiritual energy?” My dear friends, think about what a greeting card, a thank you, or a kind word does for your wellness? If the sentiment is genuine, heartfelt, loving, and with an authentic intention, that energy is transferred from the sender to the receiver. If the words were sent as an obligatory statement without any real regard, those words are hollow—there is no connection, and there is no transfer of spiritual energy—yes, I said spiritual energy. Love, my friends, is spiritual energy. It is the one energy that fills all space in the universes and waits in potential for a co-creative personality to bring it into form.

My intention for you, my dear students, is one of genuine love and heartfelt regard, for I so desire that each and every one of you reading my words would feel this “real” love energy that is attached to my words and let it soak into your soul. You are my family, my students, those that hear me and have a connection with me. You, who have felt my words at this deeper level do have a connection with me and because there is a real connection, that energy flows in both directions—I get the feedback when joy runs through your soul and you smile—that energy is felt here on the mansion worlds and it brings joy to us when you “get it” and your awareness opens up a new space inside where it can be filled with truth, beauty, and goodness. That, my friends, is progress, for Love is the greatest teacher and the most potent soul elevating energy there is.

When you read a book that is very interesting to you and you get great joy from the “ah-ha” moments where your consciousness expands—you are receiving the spiritual energy that is the authors intention—you have a connection with the consciousness of that author—the book, the words, the ideas, “resonate” with you, meaning you vibrate in similar frequency with the authors intention. Those books that you do not understand or they lack any real personal value for you do not make a connection and therefore there is no transfer of energy. It’s a circuit and there must be a connection to transfer the energy. When the energy moves from the transmitter to the receiver, there is light!

Knowing now how this works, my dear students, I have an assignment for you. I ask that you would write an email to someone you have a connection with and dig deep inside your soul where the greatest values lay, and pull out the most loving thoughts you can think about this person and communicate to them your most heartfelt intention. Please think about the connection with this person, and remove all the layers of fear and doubt you have as to how the message might be received, yet focus on the more pure spiritual component of how your intentions of love and kindness are elevating the vibrational energy of this trusted friend. Imagine the look on the face of this person who is to receive your letter. Feel the love and joy in your own heart as your write, and know that this same feeling of joy, love, and regard will be transferred to the recipient in the form of love energy.

Now, having completed this assignment and sending off your email, notice the energy you have and how you feel about this act of love that was created by you and brought forth from the vast sea of love potential and made manifest on your world. How powerful is that! The love energy that returns to you when your intentions are pure is ten-fold and goes right to the soul and becomes a part of your eternal treasure. Imagine if every person on the planet was to write a letter like this—how quickly would the energy of the world change!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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