Maintaining Your Spiritual Health

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

The message for today is about maintaining your spiritual health by positive thinking and remaining in a state of hope and expectancy that all things will work for good when you choose to be positive rather than negative.  Everything in the creation is light and vibration, my friends, and so if you are positive, you maintain a high vibration, which attracts light, whereas being negative carries a lower vibration, which will attract things of lessor light into your life.  In some cases, the lower emotions like depression, hate, malice, jealousy, envy, and others may in fact attract sympathetic metaphysical constructs that can and do attach themselves in a parasitic like way to the energy body of the host who has aligned themselves with lower vibratory emotions or addictions.  These can be unhealthy and unwanted visitors that can drain your energy, cause illness, and influence your moods and emotions.  We would like to inform you students on the path that these things exist and the best way to avoid an unwanted visitor is to maintain a positive outlook, stay clear of the lower emotions, and raise your vibratory state by communion with Source.

There are so many on your world who are disconnected from Source—to God, to their spiritual natures, that they search in vain for things (material and vices) to satisfy the longings of their souls and who refuse to look at themselves and ask the question: “What is the meaning of life.”  Instead they fill the void in their lives with distractions—entertainments, drugs, alcohol, and material goods as a way to ease the pain of life, while at the same time avoid the self-reflective examination of why they are not really happy.  Living in this state of confusion can lead to depression, sickness, and lower the vibratory state of the light body.

Like attracts like, and so when you maintain a certain frequency of vibration, you attract things and other personalities to you that match the vibratory state of your energy field.  “Birds of a feather flock together.” Eventually when someone becomes so rigid and inflexibly confused about who they are, they become less “real” and when someone is taken in death in this confused state, they have no spiritual map and can become “lost” in the lower realms for long periods of time, while at the same time, these same lost individuals leave behind the inertia of their emotional state as a metaphysical construct which becomes an echo of their former life.  These energy packets are known as “thought forms” and they populate the borderland where they can and do meander about finding living host who match the vibration of their former existence.

These thought forms have limited volition and intelligence and once they latch on to a living host, they can sometimes be difficult to be rid of.  Drug addicts and alcoholics who are seeking help often find it difficult to maintain sobriety because of these sympathetic thought forms who have attached themselves and are looking to maintain a state of comfort where they, as former addicts, wish to continue in the same life-style or vibratory state.  It is in the 12 step programs where acknowledgment of a higher power (God) can change the dynamics of the soul and raise the vibratory rate of the energy body to where the thought form cannot dwell and must depart.

This is a much bigger discussion that we can continue another time, but in answer to your question, yes, these thought forms can in some cases become attached to the living at vulnerable emotional moments or when illness sets in creating a temporary drain of energy and lower vibratory states.  Unfortunately because your world is so confused it has an overabundance of these thought forms floating about the borderland and they can really create havoc with the living.  It is important to maintain a high vibratory state through positive thinking and higher emotions like love—these are “bullet proof” shields against unwanted visitors.  Most importantly is to develop a spiritual map through faith in God to bring you safely across the river of life where you will leave no negative emotional constructs behind to plague the living.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note:  I was asking questions about a young woman who has developed the symptoms of a parasitic thought form and I was looking for conformation as to how this may have occurred.

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