Love - God’s Integral Relationship with the Soul

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 16 Feb 2014
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today has to do with that blissful phenomena you call “being in love.” This is a narrow heightened state of awareness brought on by several conditions in the mind, body, and spirit of the individual. When we look at these conditions that produce this euphoric feeling, we see a coincident relationship between the compliment of being, and the relationship between the soul and the Universal Father. These relationships, when in alignment, magnify the attraction—that pulling power that draws one to the other and a new understanding of love is born—one that is more pure, beautiful, uncomplicated, and with few conditions.

This first encounter with “love” between two people is, in reality, a first glimpse into what it is to know the love of God. There is always a pattern in life on the material worlds that is pointing, teaching, demonstrating—moving you along this path that brings you to the awareness of God’s integral relationship with the soul, where the mind begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and recognizes these correlating values as being of divine origin. God knows that before His very young children can understand His infinite divine love, they must experience human love in a way they can comprehend from their finite perspective of living in a material body and having their first intimate encounter with another person.

When two people come together in the compliment of being they are vibrating at near the same frequency—they are in alignment. They are attracted together by a near equal amount of light, yet this light is compliment in the other because it is something that makes the light in the self more complete in its understanding and becomes a reflection of what is already present inside the heart of both individuals. Through God’s Indwelling Spirit, present in the mind of the individual, this light, this reflection that attracts, is the magnetism that moves the soul into alignment with the Will of the Universal Father. This “practical” experience of discovering love in the compliment of being, two people drawn together by mutual attraction, is man’s first clue to understanding divine love and the spirit gravity that draws all souls back to its Source.

As you live, and move, and have your being, you mature, grow—the soul expands, and you make decisions based on the wisdom of past experiences. In the journey of the soul, when you compare the moment to moment experiences of your life up against the memory of these first experiences of love, in all prior relationships (all sources—friends, family, lover), you begin to make decisions that, more and more, incorporate those values experienced by the reflection of light that makes your own understanding of love more complete. The more we love, the more we understand God’s love, and so by mutual attraction to both the love of others and the love of God, the soul expands and we move closer to unity with God—we become more god-like.

It is the dysfunctions of this understanding of love, or the absence of real love, that confuses so many and creates this false sense of self-hood—a disconnected spirit—a separation from God (reality), and so the ego compensates for the absence of love and attempts to protect the heart by making the self “important.” This is why, my friends, we need to love everyone on this planet, for it is not only in alignment with the Will of God, but it is the one thing that draws the soul into unity with God. To move a whole planet into “Light and Life” requires a greater understanding of love by all its inhabitants. To love is to understand—to understand is to know the character of God—to know His character is to “be” the light of love to others.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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