Light and Life Teaching Corps

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

There is a need for dedicated and highly motivated student teachers to take up the work of teaching people the meanings and values of Light and Life.  This takes great dedication, time, and patience to become an effective teacher that will work with sanctioned mansion world teachers and to develop teaching methods and lesson materials of a co-creative nature.  The development of these student teachers will be an ongoing activity far into the future and will be loosely organized until that time when they are brought under the wing of the Magisterial Son.  It is imperative that new teacher corps are developed and become the foundation for future generations of student teachers to stand on.  Each  generation will build on and expand the ideas of those dedicated teachers before them.  A world coming into Light and Life requires an ongoing "lineage of light" and these teacher corps shall serve this need.

It will be required that these teachers use plain language in their respective cultures to convey these enlightened ideas without the need of prerequisite knowledge from any religion or sanctioned text until that time when it shall become beneficial and as the unfolding Magisterial Mission has been established.  It is however, required that all student teachers in the Light and Life Teaching Corps be well versed in the foundation of Urantia Book cosmology, history, and philosophies.  This is only required for those student teachers that will be co-creatively working with sanctioned mansion world and Trinity Teachers.  This is not a directive for any person that desires to bring light through other means, I am only referring to those teachers working with me and other sanctioned mansion world teachers.

The Father Fragments will use any positive means of enlightenment in their guidance and there will be many ways in which light will enter your world.  We want to be clear that Christ Michael encourages good will and the open sharing of knowledge that has the intention of moving minds to a greater understanding of brotherhood and unity.  There is no plan to make the world into Urantia Book readers.  It may be by example of the great teachings that come out of the Light and Life Teaching Corps that people may want to explore those options and we certainly will support it.

Because of the co-creative nature of the training, it is required that the student teachers have a library of  knowledge that can be used as a foundation for the development of co-creative materials having to do specifically with teaching people the ways of Light and Life.  This library will be formed from the foundation of many sources including, but not limited to, the Urantia Book and other works that have proven to produce effective understandings in dealing with the rigors of life, sound philosophies, and the development of healthy relationships and moral values.  Student teachers will be guided in their decisions to explore an effective work or area of knowledge that may be used to add to their cerebral libraries.

As you may know, the Urantia Book was authored using existing human knowledge wherever possible and only using revelation where needed to clarify the objectives of the celestial authors.  In like manner, the Light and Life Teaching Corps will employ a similar method in their teaching to ensure that they are being effective in communicating the meanings and values of light and life as it may be experienced by most people.  Because there are all types of minds and various intellects, there also will be teachings that address those various groups-some more advanced than others in concepts.  The lineage of light must be written between the lines so that future teachers may be developed.

As world events and discoveries in science begin changing the paradigm of human evolution, the materials used by the teachers will keep in-step with the needs of humanity to keep moving it forward toward greater understandings and revelations to support the path ahead.  Light and Life is coming and these teachings are to be an integral part of the unfolding destiny of a world settling in Light and Life.

If you feel you are being called to be such a teacher, your Father Fragment and Destiny Guardians will guide you to the opportunities for service and lead you to the sources of information they see as being in alignment with the objectives of the Trinity Teachers.  To shine your light into the world requires that  you serve the needs of humanity.  The light you shine must be a reflection of the Spirit within and will require great humility.  You are to be in good standing with your Thought Adjuster and Destiny Guardians to do this work and they will guide you to the area where you will be most effective.

In service, always,

I AM Uteah

Receivers note:  Teachers are needed in many areas and Uteah does not want to convey that only spiritual teaching is sanctioned--it is not, but it is required that to be guided by sanctioned teachers you are to employ the necessary co-creative principals and have an understanding of how co-creative materials are inspired and directed from universe administrative circles.

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