Light and Life Series, Lesson 3, The Mindset of Light and Life

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 3 Feb 2019
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus

In this third lesson on Light and Life, we will explore the differences between a rebellion mindset and a  mindset that is oriented toward progressive thinking--a people moving into Light and Life.  It would be wise for us to consider the "Golden Rule" as a universal understanding--and that would be helpful to keep in the forefront of your thinking, but in application on a world conditioned by rebellion, the Golden Rule is mostly thought of as a Utopian idea that comes after your neighbor adopts this thinking.  Light and Life is a state of being--simply being in a relationship of goodness with your fellows.

The application and expression of a Light and Life mindset is not something unattainable or afar off in the distant future.  Many Urantians are already living with this mindset and the application of the Golden Rule--they wake each day and apply this thinking throughout the course of their day.  They are naturally attractive in their energy and draw others of like mind to themselves. Herewith, a synergy begins to organize and they become moved to solve some problem of inequity in their lives, their social circles; and engage the world with an attitude that they can make a difference.  These people exist today and are seen as the "movers and shakers" of the world that draw attention to some need or problem to be solved.  They are not interested in self-indulgence or self-recognition--no, but the recognition of the problems and inequities to be solved.  These people often come from very humble or troubled beginnings and have made a decision--they used their mind and willpower to choose how they would live their life going forward--a thinking that anything is possible and achievable.

Many of you will see these people as gifted or ingenious, but mostly they are quite ordinary in intelligence--they only see the world differently and they do not follow the same thinking that creates suffering in the world.  They recognize that opportunity is a co-creative process whether they see it coming from within or through collaboration with others. The mindset of Light and Life is this way and you can be this way--you can begin today if you are willing and decide not to wait for your neighbor to adopt this thinking first.  Take your co-creative thinking to the next level and become the change you want to see in the world.  See the world, not as evil, but as being guided through co-creationism. Waking up to recognize co-creative guidance in your own life will empower you to work together with your fellows to move your world closer to Light and Life.

Conservative and liberalism are mindsets that exist as the antidote to the other and rarely will they become unified to solve any problem--they naturally create separation--"us against them" thinking.  Unity is found in the intersecting values both sides already agree on, but use different language to describe it.  Look for the intersecting values that are true, beautiful, and good for all people.  "Unconditional understanding" and communication are key to finding the intersecting values.  Too much listening to the opinions of others without having any discerning thoughts of your own is what keeps you stuck in the polarized mindset (rebellion mindset).  Recognize this polarized view and choose not to follow after it.  A mindset of Light and Life is one that recognizes the exclusionary thinking of separation and applies forgiveness and mercy--it seeks for the higher ground and considers the possibilities that a way forward can be found that benefits all sides.  

The one caveat to separation is when one side is choosing an immoral path--there can be no intersecting values in immoral choosing.   Who then defines what is right and wrong?  Society does--it comes from a collective inner knowing and can always be held against the Golden Rule and tested. Society will always want a better path than what exists today and will work with its leadership to redefine it--it moves and transforms as the thinking of its citizens progress (or regress).

The mindset of Light and Life is already here on your world.  Look for it and you will see it--you will recognize it and you shall become more sensitive to the rebellion mindset-that thinking that creates separation or acts immorally.  Think about those rare instances where two polarized sides courageously stepped aside from their positions and reached out with a handshake in hope of finding a way forward. It makes headlines-there is a warm feeling of goodness that pervades the space around such courageous consideration and the recognition that both can co-exist having differences yet respect the other while solutions are sought.  Why are these events so rare?  Each side is waiting for the other to move first.  

Be the first to choose Light and Life in your own thinking and watch the miracles unfold around you.

Brotherhood is possible,

I AM Uteah

Receiver's Note: I am reminded by Uteah that these messages are co-creative in nature and are not the exclusive words of Uteah, but the ideas that are impressed upon me through a co-creative process.  This same process can be applied to any co-creative endeavor by any person living on Urantia that is indwelled with the Presence of the Father through the agency of the Thought Adjuster. Understanding that you are all co-creators is the very thing that will bring Light and Life to Urantia.

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