Light and Life Series, Lesson 2, Light and Life begins in the Mind

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 27 Jan 2019
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris Maurus

I welcome you to this second lesson about Light and Life (L&L) that will explain Urantia's unique case--that in the beginning stages of L&L, Urantia will not follow the more standardized progression of other developing worlds in the universe. There are several major factors that require Urantia be cared for in a way that makes it necessary to apply non-standard administrative procedures to move a world from a rebellion mindset to a mindset that is oriented toward the future progressive epochs of L&L.  For any advanced civilization to emerge in L&L requires that its citizens first change the way they think and act--they must first have a realization that moves them toward a more homogeneous way of seeing the world and all the peoples that live in it. On Urantia, this will require a "bonding process" that brings unity in brotherhood with all people--something so profound that all differences between them take a "backseat" to the need for understanding of global events and the problems that will need to be solved for the benefit of all mankind.  In that moment, you will see yourself and everyone in the world as being as human as yourself.

What most people fail to understand is the fact that they are all brothers and sisters and they all share their humanness living together on the same planet--they are Urantian.  The failure to understand this is the one thing that separates them from one another.  Those of you that do understand this know that you are brothers and sisters and can go anywhere in your world and find brotherhood with any person that also understands this regardless of culture, race, nationality or social status.   If you were to visit with those in another country with this viewpoint, you would love and befriend them for their openness and kind respect.  This is where we want to go--to the brotherhood of mankind where all people understand and respect each others right to think independently while maintaining a common ground that you all share in your humanity--your feelings for those things and values that make life worth living.

How do you get there?  Do you think you can do it via the approach that religion has taken by setting up creeds and rules for acceptance into the "club" of enlightenment?  Surely history will tell you that this only creates more separation and disunity.  How then would this come about?  How would it begin to unfold?  In the past ages of tribe against tribe warfare, "The enemy of my enemy is my ally."  This thinking only brought about temporary unity that would soon fall apart when the self-interests of the group became more important than political alliances.  What would happen if the enemy was not flesh and blood and there was no one to hate or negotiate with?  What if this enemy could not be reasoned with and you had to pull all your resources together to fight this enemy because it threatened your very existence?  You, as the human race, would need to use your will and consideration for all people to work together to defeat this enemy.  Those differences that once divided you would then be seen as diversities of thought that could perhaps solve a part of the problem needed to defeat this enemy.  It would take an unparalleled effort of collaboration and communication on the part of all nations and peoples to understand each other and how they might work together.

With this scenario in mind, can you now see that rebellion thinking is the enemy that cannot be reasoned with--that it threatens your very existence--that it does not consider the human condition as it applies to all people?  It controls and divides and conquers using the sophistries that you need these systems of control to protect you against those that are different from you?  And by its very nature to divide it keeps its control over you because you believe you need it to live.  To see this in yourself is the first step needed to understand that Light and Life begins in the mind.
Peace is possible,

I AM Uteah

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