Leverage the Potentials

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

In my last message, I talked about the newly energized circuits that your Thought Adjusters use to guide you and how Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge provides the quality of that guidance in accordance with the dispensation of planetary needs.  As I have indicated, this enhanced circuitry may be utilized at the discretion of the Thought Adjusters to help their human partners grow through greater awareness of the inner world.  Much of this work in communication is taking place in the super-consciousness, the sub-conscious mind, and during the sleep life.  Those that have a conscious relationship with their Thought Adjusters can work directly to leverage the potentials of these enhanced circuits.

My students will note that all the teachings of the past that have been provided to help you understand and build a relationship with your Thought Adjuster (TA) were given that you may benefit from these newly enhanced circuits today.  If you apply those teachings diligently and dedicate a moderate portion of your inner life to this Divine/human partnership, you will begin to notice insights coming to your mind with a greater intensity of “feelings” that you may understand at a level of consciousness that is beyond human language.  Working together with your TA and these more intense feelings, you may work out the meanings of these insights and bring a better understanding to your conscious mind.

Free will dominates your relationship with the TA and it is required of you to make space available for the inner life.  Though you may be receiving these enhanced feelings and insights, if you do not “stop” and sit with these things, you may not understand the meanings and the guidance being made available to you.  For some, it may take more time for the sub-consciousness to bring these feelings and insights forward, and in some cases there may be a need to release trapped emotions from the subtle fields to clear the discordant energies that are preventing you from understanding these insights.

You are in partnership with a Fragment of the Universal Father and while there exists a great disparity of understanding between the human and divine mind, the common ground can be found in deep thoughts and the feelings that precede from those interactions of the mind.  The greatest and most efficient way to understand the TA is to match the method of engagement.  What do I mean by that?  Since your TA is trying to reach you through thoughts, feelings, and insights, you may use this same method with your TA to interface in this form of communication.  Instead of talking using human language, use emotions, feelings, and visualizations (imagination) to communicate. 

All these methods of approach that I have talked about in the past can be pulled together and put into practice—and you shall be astonished by the results.  Light and Life is a state of consciousness—first in the inner world that shall precipitate outward and become the reality of the outer world. You may come to realize that higher consciousness is a direct result of human consecration of will to the expression of divine leading.  The TA relationship is the vehicle of progress!

Connecting the dots,

I AM Uteah

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