Let us all find a way to bring Peace

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 19 Feb 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Chris: Teachers, how is it that the Borderland around Urantia becomes so populated with the unresolved energy of deceased humans? What thoughts, emotions, and conditions in life lead to this state where the awareness of the former life gets trapped in a limbo-like existence leaving the soul empty and waiting for resolution? What can we do in life to assure a more fluid transition to afterlife and find peace at the end of physical life?

Ophelius: Dear one, thank you for asking this question, for until we can successfully curb the tide of confusion in the minds of those living on Urantia, we shall continue to accumulate this unresolved energy in the Borderland which places a drag on planetary evolution. It is a very complex problem and is one of the primary drivers for the Correcting Time to “bring to light” the meanings of life—the important values which are needed to move the soul and the entire organism of humanity forward toward a more enlightened “stasis” where new souls being born into the world are co-creating and experiencing Truth, Beauty, and Goodness at new and unexplored levels—living a quality life as a universe citizen who understands the basics of the Great Plan—that they are partners with the Creator—that they are divinely loved children with eternal careers where they hold the potentials for god-like attainment and achievement that spans many realms, worlds, and many lifetimes beyond this nursery world of origin.

These ideas are relatively unknown on your world except for a very small but growing population who are slowly waking up to “smell the roses” of a greater future for all humanity. Knowing only the rudiments of what I have outlined here would put into perspective those human challenges that create confusion and the unresolved energy brought on by the misunderstandings in relationships; fear of retribution; unloved and prideful attitudes conditioned by inequality and unhappiness. Simply knowing that the Creator indwells every man, woman, and child of age would bring about tremendous change if only it would take hold in the psyche of human consciousness.

Do you not see, dear friends, that when you hold onto the thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the pain of those who have hurt you, and then focus all your life energy on a victim mentality of un-forgiveness—seeking revenge or to bring judgment upon your enemies, you build the chains of your own making? It is your choice to hold this energy and only you can release it by letting go and placing your faith in the Creator that all things shall be made right in time and in eternity.

When, at the time of your passing, you shall encounter a great and beautiful light that radiates unconditional love and beckons you to release this heaviness and move freely into the compassionate energy of universal ascension. It is here where you are given a choice: you can embrace the love and the light and move into it, or you may continue to hold the heavy energy of the unresolved issues of victimhood and pursue your pointless trek of seeking justice on your own terms which binds you to the borderlands of this planet. There is a brief period for this decision and then the light begins to fade and the cords that connect this heavy and unresolved energy to the soul dissolve and this energetic shell that remains becomes a phantom lost in the ether. At this point, should you choose not to move on and continue with your restless pursuit, you create an “issue” and add to the cue of universe problems which at some point in time must be resolved and the universe has various ways to do this.

The better way for all humans on this world is to resolve these issues in life—contend with the thoughts, feelings and emotions, and release these energies by having faith in the Creator that all things shall be made right in time and in eternity—easy to declare, yet difficult for many to execute. This is the work to be done, my dear friends, let us all find a way to bring peace to Urantia.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver's note: As I was finishing up the editing of this message, I saw in my mind a vision of Jesus being nailed to the cross and hearing him speak in the agony of the moment, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." If any man had a good reason to hold on to issues of wrongful arrest, torture, and death at the hands of his enemies, it would be Jesus in that moment, but he knew that these energies would not serve him and so he released them before giving up his spirit.

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/let-us-all-find-a-way-to-bring-peace