Joy and Accomplishment

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today’s lesson is about accepting the feelings of joy and accomplishment for the attainment of spiritual goals through self-reflection and examination.  It is important to acknowledge these important milestones in your life journey that you may build a monument of truth, beauty, and goodness starting from the foundation on up to the capstone—the apex of human potential.  This is not egocentric pride, but rather a humble gratitude for all the help you received from spirit and from those who have been placed in your path to help you on your way.

When latent abilities have been awakened through guidance and instruction, you do well to use these abilities to gather the resources necessary to build your monument—your contribution to humanity whether it is through teaching, art, or social science.  All these accomplishments become a trail of stepping stones that others can follow on while they build their own monuments, and together they create a matrix of progress that leads to the goals of eternity—the will of the Creator made manifest through the lives of His children.

Rejoice my friends when you place another brick on the wall of your monument, for joy and accomplishment is the sweetness of life meant to be savored by you and shared with all those in your life circles.  When you succeed at something that is true, beautiful, and positive, all of humanity benefits at the collective level of consciousness—as we are all connected, we are all one in purpose.  As each of us progresses, we reflect a little more light from the Creator, which brings us one step closer to unity as all the parts move closer to infinity and finality.  Accepting and acknowledging your accomplishments is like marking a trail through the jungle—not only can you find your way back from a long journey, but you leave guidance for others to follow after that they may also benefit from your efforts.

God provides the bricks and mortar—the building blocks of human potential that we may use it to build our monument, our bridge, our path back to the source of all creation.  It is God’s desire for us to be joyful in the journey as we gather wisdom from the experiences we have along the way.  Look back now my friends and see how far you have come—sometimes it will look as if you were carried by the wind.  Take joy now in those milestones you have passed and look joyfully forward to the new road ahead.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven

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