Invoke the Holy Union

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, my dear students on the path, we would like for you to join with us in connecting with your Indwelling Spirit and continue to build your intimate relationship with this Perfect Spark that lives within you. The attunement process depends on this personal connection and is the key to all spiritual growth and ascension. Please set aside time alone to engage the Reason for your being. Once you have become familiar with this connection piece, please create your own soul expression to invoke the Holy Union. Until then, please read aloud:

“My Beloved Indwelling, please connect with my conscious mind and allow me the grace to feel your presence within me—let us be of one mind and one heart.”

“I AM open to your presence and I welcome your sacred touch, for you have prepared my mind for all things true, beautiful, and good.”

“Flood my mind with your divine light and fill every cell in my body with your beautiful vibration. Excite in me every sense of you and let me understand through my human senses what divine love means?”

“My body, my mind, and my soul is a sacred vessel for your expression—please express your love and ideas through me that I may co-create an experience worthy of eternal keep.”

“For we are One now—there is no separation—I know and believe that we are eternal soulmates.”

“Awaken in me the divine plan that you have prepared for me as I enjoy the freedom to explore my desires.”

“I release all my earthly concerns before you now and wait for your Holy Hush to surround me.”

Indwelling Spirit: “You are my beloved child in who I AM well pleased...” (let this dialog continue)

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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