Invitation to Stand in the Gap

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Ophelius: Today we would like for you to join us in the Circle. Stand with us, for there is a vacant space here beside us. Step up and look into the faces of your teachers as we gather around you. Each of us has had a unique journey—some of us from your world, and some from other worlds in this system. As you look into our faces, whether you see us clearly or not, what is it that you perceive about us as a group?

Chris: “I see in each of your faces the continence of love, the beauty of youth, the experience of wisdom, and the glow of goodness—the shining brilliance of the Indwelling Presence of the Father.”

Yes, this shining brilliance is the Father’s Presence within us! Each of us has placed our final fusion on hold so that we may assist Christ Michael in bringing more light to Urantia. Each of us in the Circle has reached the point of “equilibrium” with our Adjusters and is ready to fuse and move on to the constellation worlds of Norlatiadek to continue our journey toward god-like perfection as we are led by our Perfect Pilots. Our Adjusters are now preparing us for this next step in our ascension careers just as your Adjuster is preparing you for life on the mansion worlds—to walk the fields of beauty that we have walked—to see the evidence of Father’s glory that awaits you and to learn and experience the morontia life—to participate in the Great Plan with greater capacity, ability, and awareness.

It is our love for service that has brought us together. We share this love with you because you also feel this love for service as do the many others who read these messages faithfully. It is no coincidence that you all are tuned into these common vibrations. Each of you may join with us and step into the Circle and drink from the cup of wisdom that we freely share. All you have to do is to use your god given creative imaginations to visualize what you feel in your heart. Do not see us as gods, but as older and wiser siblings always available to you—to advise you in all your inquiries and any situation that may befall you. See us standing on the sea of glass in a semi-circle waiting for you to join us and complete the circuit. Step in and take hold of our hands—look into our faces and feel the love that we circulate around us and into you. It is this love that shall raise your vibration and move you into synchrony with us.

Dear One, this is yet another tool to use where we can come together and bring more light to Urantia. I encourage all you students on the path to join with us in this way. There is no exclusive right by any one of you—all are welcome—all who feel sympathy with our messages have this ability to stand in the gap. A heart for service and a love for your fellows is all you need to stand with us. Come now, quiet your mind, let peace settle in on your spirit, and let love beam from your heart.

Welcome child, to the Circle of Seven. Did you not know that when you stand in the gap we complete the Circle? The circuit stays open until that time when you step in and close it. You are the Seventh!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note: After receiving the message, I had to open the Urantia Book to check the spelling of our constellation, “Norlatiadek.” As I thumbed through the papers, I stopped at paper 43, section 1, “The Constellation Headquarters.” As I scrolled through the text looking for the spelling, my eyes stopped on the words, “sea of glass.” This is what it says: “…A crystal field on this order is found on almost all architectural worlds; and it serves many purposes aside from its decorative value, being utilized for portraying superuniverse reflectivity to assembled groups…” I love when that happens!

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