In Divine Reality All are One

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

God is Love. God is Spirit. God is all Powerful, all Knowing, all Wise, and Everywhere Present. His Creation and every creature in it exist as the eventuation of His desire to know and possess All Experience—to know Himself. As an answer to His primal question, “Who Am I?” the birth of the time-space universes came into being—to be the theatre for His children to experience life and to freely choose the path of knowing what it is to climb the ladder of life from imperfection to god-like perfection.

To harvest these diverse life experiences, God placed an undiluted fragment of himself—the Indwelling Spirit to live in the minds of all his children—to be the Divine Monitor that would lead these imperfect children through the Creation, level by level, realm by realm, world by world, revealing an ever widening picture of Himself—the Great Mystery, and for which He shall impart on those of progressing spiritual maturity, greater and greater power, knowledge, and the understanding of love in more pure forms, until these children have achieved the wisdom and the glory of perfection attainment—to be like Him—to live eternally and to experience the divine embrace of Finality.

All of Creation is changing, evolving, and moving toward greater and greater states of perfection—every creature, every world, every galaxy, every realm and dimension—all divinely orchestrated—a symphony of unimaginable complexity all moving according to His Great Plan. As Creator and Divine Architect, He perpetually creates life and explores new ideas then experiences the outworking of those ideas and plans through His beloved Children.

You, my friend, are a child of this magnificent and benevolent Creator and you have been called to participate in His Great Plan. Bar none—no matter what you believe—no person of any faith, religion, or creed, has exclusive right to participate in this Great Plan—all are invited just as all minds are indwelled by the Mighty and Divine Monitor—the God Fragment. In divine reality—the true reality, all are One since all things and beings are a part of God himself—there is no real separation from this Oneness—only your “temporary perception” of separation exists as a self-imposed illusion. As you progress to greater states of perfection on your journey in the Grand Adventure, the veil of separation begins to fall away and soon you shall understand that all things work together in harmony to assist in the completion of the Great Plan.

It is in ignorance of this Great Plan that your planet suffers and you find yourselves divided and at war believing that your lowest common denominator is your beliefs, your religion, your race, your culture, your sex, your social status, or your national identity. All these attributes of your humanity are but seeding for a diverse life experience—a diversity that should be celebrated and understood from the viewpoint of Oneness.

Each one of you is intimately known by the Creator and His administrators and you have been chosen by divine appointment to be the host for the Divine Indwelling! You are forever loved and never alone! All people on your world are your brothers and sisters—all are in the kindergarten of their education to become gods and each has a unique curriculum to fulfil. Your graduation is the gift of your life experience to your Creator. Stand together in joy, wonder, and astonishment as you wait your turn on the stage of graduation from the school of life. I congratulate you, even now, in the first steps of your kindergarten journey. The Great Plan requires your participation. Come now and take your place as a citizen of the universe and as an heir to your divine inheritance.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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