How Will You Answer When the Master Calls?

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today dear one, we would like to speak to all the students on the path. When I say “on the path” I mean those of you who have accepted the One Truth, who recognize God the Father as the Creator of all, and have become aware of His presence in your life. I’m speaking to those of you who have consecrated your will to do the Father’s Will in this world and be His eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet—His experiential partners and co-creators—those who Christ identified as “the salt of the earth.” If you identify yourself as one of His, then open your ears and listen to what the Spirit says.

Those that have shall be given more; those that have not, that which they have shall be taken away. To those who have been given much, more is expected. You are to be the ambassadors of light in this darkened world and you are under scrutiny by those who are searching for this light. Therefore you have the responsibility to represent Christ Michael, the Creator Son, as you speak and act in His behalf. It is His desire that you all share a spirit of unity, while expressing your unique ideas and abilities, and become an example to the world of a people who speak and act dignified, who have overcome the pettiness of vain glory and who exhibit the fruits of the Spirit in their daily lives.

This is a time of self-examination—to look at the state of the soul; to take inventory of the blessings you have been given and to hold that gift of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness you have been afforded up against the contrast of the world and acknowledge the fortunate spiritual position you hold in this place and time on Urantia. The world is watching you like they are watching a politician—waiting for you to fall. They hold your feet to the fire and use your own words against you. Be therefore mindful of your sharp tongues and speak to each other with the same respect and kindness you would have them do unto you. In the admonition of Christ, you are to love your fellows not just with a neighborly love, or a brotherly love, but with a Fatherly love. This Fatherly love is a greater love and one that expects more from those who have been “given more.”

There are two paths and One Plan. The One Plan is the divine blueprint for your life—the plan the Indwelling Spirit is guiding you by. The two paths are: one that follows this divine blueprint, the other is the actual life you live. As you examine the self, take stock of these two paths and see how close or how far you are from walking the divine path. You may say, “but how do I know the divine plan for my life teacher?” You do know it when you stop and live in the moment—it is that inner voice that points to the way of love. It is there and you always know it deep down in the depths of the soul. You only ignore it when the selfish child (the ego) comes out and wants its way.

Those who represent the Christ must choose mastery over the indulgence of the selfish child and be willing to be held to a higher standard. Are you prepared to get up and walk with the Master when he calls you and says, “Come follow me?” How will you answer when the Master calls?

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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