How God Feels

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 25 Sep 2016
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, my dear friends, we shall talk about a few of the more “generic” questions many of you have that pertain to: “What does God feel?” Because you, as humans, can only relate to how you “feel” having an electro-chemical brain that processes emotions via hormones, chemicals, and electric impulses in the nervous system, you simply cannot relate to any other “super-sensory” system or a divine infinite sensory system like that of the Creator. However, because you each have a living fragment of the Creator’s mind, living within your mind, it would seem logical that the Universal Father would feel the same emotions you feel as He experiences life through you?

How does he allow all the suffering—even to allow His Son to suffer a torturous death on the cross? Where is the “line” between impersonal and personal in His participation in our experiences?

We do know from speaking with the Personalized Adjusters, that they must co-exist in the mind of their indwelling even in the midst of unjust and selfish acts of cruelty and that they are particularly distraught by the behavior, but when I say this, keep in mind that I am using a term in human language that describes a human emotion. I cannot convey to you exactly what that means from the perspective of the Thought Adjuster since they do not process human emotion the way you do. Let us also take note that the Universal Father sees each individual from an infinite eternal viewpoint—He views your “being” from beginning to end in the eternal now moment. Your whole ascension career—from your birth to your status as a Finalitor standing before Him on Paradise and beyond—your “totality” as an experiential child, is all within His understanding.

Suffering, in and of itself, is a self-inflected product of evolutionary free will being acted out on the theater of time—an adjustment process of working out the relationship between understanding the self (ego, separation from God) and understanding the whole (divine unity, participation in the Great Plan). You must understand that the entire time-space creation is upheld on the principal of free will, for without it, everything implodes—it simply cannot exist without it.

Is the Universal Father impersonal to your suffering? No, but because He sees your life from beginning to end, he also understands the growth potential from overcoming the injustices of time—and in addition to that does He also use all the resources (spiritual and human) at His disposal to “correct” gross maladaptation of His Will when the “normal” curve of evolution is perverted by the miscarriage of His administrators (the caretakers of the evolutionary worlds of time) who were themselves exerting their free will prerogatives as was the case on Urantia and other worlds in the system of Satania during the Lucifer Rebellion.

Know this, my dear friends: There is a plan in place for the redemption of Urantia. The plan is to assist the mortals of the realm to recognize the perversion of God’s Will, and by their own free will, make the needed changes to align themselves with the Indwelling God who quietly feeds the mind with the values of truth, beauty, and goodness—that they may know “how God feels.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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