How do we reach these People?

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Chris: Teachers, a fellow lightworker writes: “There are many people who are distracted and preoccupied by worry and stress about the vicissitudes of life and show little interest in pursuing a spiritual path or any remedial practice to relieve their own suffering. How do we reach these people? What method is best to approach and demonstrate to them that the answer to their problems and suffering can be found “within” through a spiritual understanding of themselves?

Teacher Ophelius: There is a saying on your world, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.” In this case, the horse has traveled many miles in the hot sun and yet, pulling his bridle down forcefully toward the river causes him to revile you—his stubbornness to resist is based on his need to control his own actions to the point of denying his body the very thing it needs to survive.

For many people this rings true—their soul thirst for the living water of the spirit, but the heart is wounded from dysfunctional relationships, pride, or a victim mindset which insulates the heart from further vulnerabilities. The heart is the center of the soul and the soul mind and until that wall, which has been placed there for protection, can be cracked open; there is little hope of self-correction, self-examination, or self-healing through any action of the will. To crack the wall, the heart itself must expand from the inside until the wall can no longer constrain the volume of the newly beating heart.

As a lightworker who wants to help these individuals, you must stay close to the heart and through patience and baby steps; let that heart know that it is safe in your presence and that you make no gesture to “pull the bridle toward the river.” You must first get in the river, splash around, and drink deeply to show the satisfaction of the quenching water on your own thirst. Once they feel safe, and see how you enjoy the water, they will test it—stick their toe in, then their feet, then perhaps will join you in the reverie of the moment and drink in the soul satisfying water.

The lightworker may need to guide them to the river and bring them out of the desert. Sometimes taking the person out of their toxic environment and into a comfortable place of peace and beauty can relieve the mind of the worries of the day. It is in this space where the heart is more likely to listen to its own beating and may be more inclined to step into the water with you. Remind the heart of those times in the past where it beat freely and fearlessly and try to bring back the feelings of those experiences. This can only be done when the heart feels completely safe and free of judgment. It is from this “beginning” place that the lightworker may express his or her own co-creative ideas to heal the individual and get them to explore their own heart and spiritual nature. The lightworker becomes the example of a divinely led soul and for those they want to help, they represent the “Christ” and they would be most effective showing the Fatherly love that Jesus so eloquently displayed to all those wounded hearts he encountered in his sojourn on earth.

Sometimes exploring the “ideal self” can shed light on what is real and what is imagined. “If I did not have _____ in my life and I could _____ then I would choose to _______.” Fill in the blanks, my friends, and begin replacing the fears and worries with real desires. Reaching for real desires brings purpose. All souls need purpose—something to truly live for.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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