Higher Love - The Soul Fuel

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak about “Higher Love”—for this form of love is of a higher, finer, more pure form which can only be understood and experienced by those who have reached a point in their spiritual development where they are accessing the rudiments of the morontia mind or “soul-mind.” Processing thoughts and experiences from this “mid-mind” requires circuits to be accessed from the Cosmic mind rather than from the Adjutant mind —those mind circuits that most humans on earth operate on. The “soul-mind” requires a different kind of energy to access the Cosmic mind circuit—that energy is what we are talking about today—this “Higher Love.”

The rate of spiritual vibration determines the degree at which this higher form of love can be understood and used to “fuel” the soul-mind’s connection to Cosmic mind. Yet to develop this connection, the two highest circuits of Adjutant mind (wisdom and worship) can be used to “push” the boundaries of human love and understanding into the domain of Cosmic mind. Also does the Indwelling Spirit play a major role in “spiritizing” the mind to prepare it for this higher function and expansion of awareness.

The Cosmic mind uses a more unified pattern of thought logic—one based on the needs of the soul to achieve unity with the Creator Father. The needs of the soul are very different from human instinct, or human needs and desires. This is why many of you students on the path are bewildered at how the world operates and how other people think—the belligerence and greed to accumulate and control resources—to disconnect from the reality of Spirit and to selfishly disregard the welfare of others. This kind of thinking is foreign to the soul-mind and the logic of Cosmic mind. When you discover in yourself that your thoughts are more “weighted” toward love, nurturing, peace, kindness, equality, and growth, then are you “pushing” into this domain of soul-mind which operates on “Higher Love.”

Once you get a “taste” of this Higher Love, you begin to “re-arrange” your spiritual life so that you can explore and expand your awareness of this form of Higher Love. You desire the conditions for which those Higher Love experiences can be realized. Higher Love Experiences = Vibrational Ascension (toward unity with God). This soul-mind/Cosmic mind circuit senses the larger reality of eternal life and ascension and the creature feels the Spirit Gravity of the Universal Father’s call for creature perfection and vibrational unity. You students on the path who are traversing the seven psychic circles, from seven to one, shall begin to experience these higher levels of mind and the desire for ingesting this higher love energy to invigorate and raise your vibrational signatures.

What you are doing now in this life by “foretasting” these higher aspects of mind and soul expansion, through the experiences of higher love, will carry over with you into mansion world life where you can continue as a student in the Universities of Love bypassing much of the correctional activities of the lower mansion worlds. My friends, do seek after those higher love experiences, for they are highly valued by the Supreme.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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