Good News

Teacher: The Preacher

Teacher:  The Preacher

Today's message is about Good News.  You all too often hear nothing but bad news from your media sources, but today I want to talk about the universal saving message of our beloved Creator Son, Christ Michael of Nebadon, once known on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth.  His message to humanity has been very misunderstood throughout the ages since his ascension, many people on your world have erroneously, and unduly, attached negative concepts and ill will to his name and the symbol of the cross, because of the misconceptions, misinterpretations, and actions of His followers and of those that believe in the exclusivity of creeds.

Jesus' message was universal and all-inclusive. How could it be otherwise, for the Universal Father is no respecter of persons, races, or religions, so too must the message of the Creator Son be for all persons, races, and nations?  For Jesus said, I am in the Father, and the Father is in me, for who so ever has seen me, has seen the Father.  Let there be no misunderstanding about who can experience spirit born faith and eternal life in the family of God—the invitation goes out to all of humanity.

What was this misunderstood message?  First, let us look at His life for a moment and not his death.  When he walked among you, he was teaching and preaching this good news to all who would listen, and it was this good news that inspired the spirit born faith in the human soul to bring men and women into the kingdom of the Father's house—that all persons are the sons and daughters of the God of all creation; that the Father's spirit indwells his children, and therefore are all men and women are brothers and sisters—the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man.

This good news—this saving message was real and transformative, and it was working in the hearts and minds of the people in Jesus' lifetime in the flesh.  How then could this saving message be conditional and subject to the dead truths of ecclesiastical religious dogma or the appeasement of a wrathful God through the sacrifice of an innocent victim when much of his mission on earth was spent freeing men and women from the bondage of rituals and tradition bound priest craft?  Jesus' LIFE, not death, made it possible to make known the true spirit realities of eternal life by faith in the sovereignty of God.  His death was only necessary to shed the flesh so he could return to the Father and then have His Spirit of Truth poured out over all flesh—all humanity.  His resurrection was proof to all that we may also experience the resurrection from death into life everlasting.

Jesus' entire life, death, and resurrection was an example to all, not some, that we are the sons and daughters of God and that we can all have this free gift of eternal life by believing this simple message, the Good News, the Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of man.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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