Five Important Names

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today, light workers and students on the path, I have a “hypothetical” question to ask and an exercise that may be rather important for you: If you woke up one morning and had grown five invisible psychic chords that were attached to your soul, and you could request having each of them connected to another being—a human or a celestial being of light (any), that would bring you the most light, energy, and inspiration, and contribute most to your spiritual development and life mission, who would be on your list?

Think very carefully about your choices; write the names down in order of priority, and a short description of this being, and why you would want to be psychically connected. How would this connection help you in your personal development, and or life mission (purpose)? Be as detailed as you can in your answers.

You are already connected to the Creator Father through your God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster and so you would exclude Him from your list. Please consider doing this exercise with all sincerity and with an intention to actually manifest this petition. Your guides and guardians shall be a witness to your request. Keep this list in a convenient place where you may view it often and refer to it as many times each day as you may find possible.

Now, go back to your list and next to each name, write down a unique time prompt other than 11:11 or any other prompt you may be used to seeing. Become familiar with this prompt and the name associated with it.

It is time, dear ones, that you take that next step in your development to allow more light into your life and to find meaning in the purpose. Trust that this is not a speculative exercise, but a doorway to universe citizenship. These connections shall be an important part of your future work and development that shall continue beyond this world and into the next.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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