First Wave

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 13 Apr 2014
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we would like to speak about one very important aspect of the Correcting Time and that is to bring a new awareness to the consciousness of the people of this planet starting first by awakening those who we call, “The First Wave.” As the name implies, this “wave” will grow and build in size and energy as it approaches land where it breaks upon the shoreline making a mighty sound. The first wave leads the second, and the second leads the third, and so on and so forth as more and more people become aware of their Indwelling Spirit, their purpose, and a deeper meaning to life itself. Spirit is the tidal force for which these successive waves will be nurtured and strengthened. You students on the path are this First Wave, and many of you have been gifted with extraordinary God Fragments—Thought Adjusters of great experience and ability. You are the ones who shall blaze the trail making these first vital connections with Spirit, then with others of like mind and purpose, then with those on the fringe of the second wave.

You are one of the first groups of human teachers, in your generation, on a world approaching Light and Life and it is our purpose as Spirit teachers, to awaken, nurture, and strengthen you for the Father’s business. Perhaps many of you have never thought about yourselves as teachers, but I say to you, consider your experience. Think about the journey you have thus taken, and how you came to know the Spirit within and all those extraordinary experiences and synchronicities that led you to the truths you know now. Those experiences can be shared, my friends, and this is how you build a wave.

I admonish you to seek for those of kindred spirit and exchange information and express and explore the creative force that is within you unabashedly and with great passion. Work in groups and find a need in this world, for there are many, and create something that will serve as a beacon of light that will awaken those in the second wave. Spirit alone cannot do this for you, for we need to work together to transform this world into a planet where quality souls can be nurtured and given opportunities to grow and find meaning and purpose in life.

It is important that your work as teachers contain the information that will create a “Spiritual Map” for those who are seeking and who are hungry for the meaning of life and purpose. This map will lead them to the truth about the Spirit within (the Thought Adjuster), the Great Plan (eternal life and ascension), and how cherished and unconditionally loved each person is by the Father. Some teachers will first need to lift the self-imposed illusions of bondage this world imposes on the mind of their students before these higher truths can be revealed, and we (Spirit) will be here to assist you in this process. You also have the ever-present Christ consciousness, the Spirit of Truth, to guide you as you work and nurture your students.

Consider your role as teacher, my friends—you have more to offer than you may think. The time to be about the Father’s business is now. If only you can awaken just one other soul, you initiate the wave effect—observe how one changed life affects another. Can you change two, three, a hundred, a thousand, a million? There are many possibilities.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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