Fearful Thoughts Seek an Equilibrium

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

There is tremendous fear sweeping the mass consciousness of your planet.  This fear is more infectious to the mind than a virus that attacks the body.  Because each of you has a mind that is indwelled by a fragment of the Creator—the Thought Adjuster (TA), your minds and will are very powerful—more powerful than you understand. When fear is broadcast to a large population of human minds (7.5 billion), this powerful emotion begins to form an intention in the subconscious mind.  This intention says: “I’m afraid for my life”—“I’m going to catch the disease”—“My immune system is weak and I may not survive.” These fearful thoughts seek an equilibrium in reality and because the Universal Father seeks the free will experiences of his children, the Divine Matrix goes to work manifesting this reality when enough momentum and energy is exerted in the mind of those creatures that desire that experience.

You might say, “Uteah, we don’t want that experience—we fear it—not desire it?”  That may be so, but what you think and imagine—the story—the drama that unfolds in your mind is something that you play often during a time when media brings it to your attention—it’s the “breaking news” that draws you in and starts that powerful reality manifesting engine called “mind.”  It becomes the topic of conversation with your family and friends. Governments, civil authorities, and businesses begin countermeasures and continue feeding the media barrage. Your imagination and belief is the most powerful creative tool you have and it works very effectively.  To fantasize about the reality of the worst thing that can happen, your TA creates “light in the field”—the Divine Matrix.  As more and more minds contribute energy to this vision, the more assuredly it solidifies and manifests.

It is now very difficult to change the momentum that has started and it will take the “steering” of this great ship of minds to manifest the recovery.  My advice to you, my dear students, is to believe that your countermeasures are working.  Envision in your mind that the virus will subside—envision that by taking the prescribed precautions you are safe.  Imagine the numbers that are infected are beginning to decline.  Stop looking at the numbers and expecting them to be higher each day!

The difference between my students and the remaining population is that you understand that you have a Thought Adjuster—the Divine Operator of the light field.  You—having a relationship with a Fragment of the Creator can say, “What I want for the world and myself is peace and love—not fear.”  “Because you are my Beloved Indwelling, we shall live in the assurance of Father’s Grace and not partake of the hysteria.”  “We shall make light in the field for healing and to see an end to this virus and the fear.”

I would ask my students to gather together and encircuit your Thought Adjusters and create light in the field and know that your light—the intention to work with the Father, is more powerful than the hysteria (unreality) the mass consciousness of the world is manifesting.  I am not suggesting that the virus is “unreal” but certainly these microbes have a life force that has its own influence in the light field.  Use your powerful relationship with the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator to be master over the outcome and do not be swept away by the torrents of mass hysteria.  Use this human experience as a teaching moment to build faith in your co-creative ability to rise above the tide of induced fear.

Power in Unity,

I AM Uteah

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