Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 5

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 3 Oct 2021
Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

This continuing series will expand and explain the eleven facets identified in Part 3, “The Framework for Conscious Contact.”  This message takes a deeper look at the second and third facets: 
“2. Initiate Contact (with the TA)”
“3. Recognition of the Parent/child relationship”

Once you have established and entered your sacred space, you are now ready to “reach out” and make contact with the Fragmented Nature of the Universal Father—the Creator of all that lives in your human mind that is personally focused on your soul development; that loves you unconditionally; and is a Divine Stake Holder in your growth and progress throughout your ascendant career—here and hereafter: The Divine Thought Adjuster (TA).

I encourage you to give your TA a sacred name—something that represents your highest ideal for a personally focused deity, an eternal partner, and true soulmate.  It could be an acronym made from the definition of your sacred relationship; it could be a beautiful name that you have always loved; it could be a name that you receive during your Conscious Contact session brought to the surface of your mind by your TA!  Be open to receive this name no matter how it arrives in your mind, for it is your way to make the relationship with the TA personal and real.

Because these facets of the framework are wholly re-definable by you, I provide only an example for how you might approach your TA in these Conscious Contact sessions:

“My Beloved, _____________ (TA name here).”  “Divine Thought Adjuster, you are my Eternal Partner; my True Soulmate; my Ascension Pilot; my inspiration; my Guide to progress...” 

Here you may insert any meaningful statements about your intimate spiritual relationship with the TA.  I encourage you to be spontaneous—finding the words as you open yourself up to this Divine Contact.  These statements, that represent your personal beliefs in the divine relationship, are statements that reinforce the surety of your eternal intentions and union with this Divine Fragment of the Universal Father.  Have no doubt that these statements alone are powerful and they unequivocally contribute to your personal spiritual progress.

Why are these statements so powerful and progressive?  Because these statements are spoken verbally (as a vibration) as a testimony of your faith and trust in the unseen Father.  It is your sworn testimony that you recognize the sovereignty and surety of the Parent/child relationship that can never be broken—it is a faith statement of fact—that you have accepted this partnership and you are committed to the Grand Adventure of Time—to be the experiential child endowed with divine potentials; willing to follow wherever the Divine Pilot takes you; to discover, learn, and grow, through experience, the path that leads to paradise perfection—to answer the Father’s edict: “Be you perfect, even as I AM perfect.” 

It is at this point, that you then declare the purpose for your engagement with the TA:

“...I AM here to establish Conscious Contact (CC) with You, my Beloved Thought Adjuster.”  “Please extend to me the enhanced circuit?”  “Elevate my human consciousness into higher dimensions where I may receive a ‘full-light’ consciousness.”  “Fill my consciousness with light that I may have the insights and revelations that you impart to me for my guidance, growth, and progress, according to Father’s Divine Will.”

“I AM the child—You are the Parent”  “Together we become the I AM—the full expression of the Parent through the child.” “I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere.”  “I consecrate my will to the Father’s Will.”  “I AM the vessel of the Father’s Will wherever I AM in Father’s House.”

These “I AM” statements are powerful, because they speak from the place of the Parent/child intersection—a place of unity.  You are speaking as the full expression of the Parent through the child consciousness.  You are declaring the sovereignty of Father’s Will in as much as you can understand it as an imperfect consciousness.”  “I AM” is a statement of absolute TRUTH!  It is the intersection of infinity∞ that connects the child to the Parent.

The I AM is so powerful that when Jesus spoke it as he identified himself before the soldiers who came to arrest him, the whole group of men in the front line were knocked down to the ground from the sheer power of it’s absolute truth, “I AM the One you seek!”

I encourage you to speak the “I AM” in as many ways as you can imagine—not only in your CC sessions, but throughout your day.  This powerful statement erases the sub-conscious conditioning and programming that you are anything less than a powerful partner with the Creator!

Stay with me on the journey as we explore the remaining facets in the Framework.

Peace to you,

Chris Maurus

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