Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 2

Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

In this series, I would like to share with you the “framework” for Conscious Contact.  This framework constitutes a living and dynamic template for engagement with the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father’s Presence within human mind.  The framework is only a skeleton to support the co-creative experience of personal religion—the experiential reality of human and divine partnership—you and the paradise Thought Adjuster.

My Friends, this is the most extraordinary experience a human can have. Are you prepared to experience Conscious Contact with the Creator of all through His Fragmented Nature?  Truly this would be a watershed moment in your life, for your soul, and for all times, now, and in eternity—the unveiling moment?  Are you willing to follow through and seek this Conscious Contact, even in the face of repeated failures—to keep the faith that you shall experience contact having demonstrated to your Thought Adjuster that you truly desire, above all temporal desires, to reach out to know without a shadow of a doubt, that you are a child of the Universal Father?

This is not a casual endeavor—a curiosity to take lightly, but a most serious and sacred decision to establish a true human and divine partnership from this point onward—one that you shall keep holy, sacred, and cherish as the most precious relationship you shall ever know?  You may not feel that way now, having no experience with Conscious Contact, but you certainly posses the potential for developing great faith in the vision for this human and divine relationship—and that is all you need to start—to reach out.

Blessed are you that enter the hallow ground with great faith, for you shall know the true meaning of transcendence—to climb beyond self-imposed limitations.  I believe many of you reading this are feeling like you have reached a plateau in your understanding of what a human and divine relationship looks like?  I certainly have, and this has been the driver for my greatest desire to intimately experience actual Conscious Contact with the Creator of all through his Fragmented Nature—the Thought Adjuster.  This is not about reading more revelation, but about rolling up your sleeves and engaging in the act of two-way communication—to express and to receive feedback, guidance, and the revelation in understanding of your own needs to progress as a Spirit led soul.

Ultimately, your goal in using the framework of Conscious Contact is to awaken to the realization that there is no separation between what you perceive to be “you” and the Indwelling Presence of the Paradise Father within.  You are to discover that there is only the “I AM.”  Your waking consciousness is the sleeping child of imperfect awareness of the I AM. Your child consciousness is the interface with the veiled reality of this planetary theater where it is that the I AM experiences life as the imperfect child consciousness.

This perception that you are an individual is, by design, the expression of the I AM through the imperfect child consciousness.  The only demarcation in the quality of consciousness is the personality and the diversified experience of each child.  Each Fragment of the Creator carries the evolving experiential understanding of the imperfect but growing child consciousness.  As you progress and evolve your child consciousness, you become more and more aware of the I AM—that perfect marriage of consciousness that is both the child and the Fragmented Nature of the Universal Father—the Thought Adjuster.  That is why people who become more “spiritual” become more unified in the way they see reality.  They become more aware of the unity of Spirit (unity consciousness) and the lines become more blurred between the child and the I AM.  Full (relative) realization of the I AM leads to fusion with the Thought Adjuster.  The I AM is this shared unified realization in waking consciousness that you ARE the I AM!

This idea of the I AM is nothing new—it is the genius of divine paradox.  It is the “question” imbued upon the human soul—the question that the imperfect human mind cannot complete, but seeks for the answer.  Your continued attempt to solve this paradox is what leads to growth and progress in the realization of the I AM.  The framework of Conscious Contact is the application for developing the awareness of unity consciousness with the I AM.

Please stay on this journey with me and together we can contribute to the rising tide of souls that awaken to the human and divine partnership—raising the bar of human understanding and ever closer to the dawn of an enlightened era.

Peace to you,

Chris Maurus

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