Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 1

Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

During the last six months I’ve been in contact with an extraordinary Mansion World Teacher, named Vutia.  Many of you are familiar with her teachings through the messages received by me and published through this conduit of light—the 1111 Progress Group.  It became apparent to me early on in the engagement with Vutia, that she would not be paraphrasing more lessons on universe cosmology and re-stating the concepts of deity relationship.  Uteah, Ophelius, and many other teachers have done a tremendous service in bringing those understandings to our attention over the many years of this Correcting Time.  Instead, Vutia said it was time to shift our thinking from understanding revelation to having actual experience in Conscious Contact with the Thought Adjuster.

I think many of us are wanting more and more revelation (new information) as a way to have a greater understanding of deity relationship—hoping that in the process, something “magical” will happen and we will have a mystical experience with deity through and by the process of expanding our minds?  One thing I have learned over the years in having contact with Spirit is that I must take the first step in reaching out.  Spirit never imposes their will on you—it is you that must take the initiative to establish your position, your desire, your sincere curiosity (questions—wanting to know) and openness, for seeking Spirit contact with the expressed purpose of greater soul growth for you and others as a result of your persistent dedication.

Vutia has been very assertive in her directions for weaning us off of our addiction for more and more revelation and to simply just “do it.”  We have been given every necessary piece of revelation to expand our minds enough to establish Conscious Contact with our Thought Adjuster (TA).  It is now time to “act.”  I have also become so “comfortable” in bringing through revelation, that I have often been too busy in the process to actually apply the lessons that were coming though.  I was so concerned with bringing a new message through every week, that I failed to blaze the trail in actually experiencing the outcomes of the teachings themselves!  It took me some time to realize what it was that Spirit was leading me to do.

In the five months between my last message with Uteah and my introduction to Vutia, I would continue my routine of showing up at my appointed time to co-create a new message with my teacher, but hearing nothing but silence.  After many weeks of this, I started relying more on the insights from my TA and what was coming up for me consistently was the need to start talking about my extraordinary experiences with Spirit.  From that, I produced several important papers, co-authored with my TA, that talks about my engagement with Spirit and the insights that were extraordinarily impressed upon me that needed to be shared with the world.  It was through that process that led me to the “ah-ha” moment that “engagement” was the most powerful agent for progress.  Revelation was necessary for mind expansion, but engagement was the catalyst for change, and change leads to progress and soul growth.

Once the student was ready, Vutia showed up to take me into the next phase of growth—through the “practice” of Conscious Contact.   I would like to take you all along with me on this new and exciting journey and share the experiences—the successes and the failures, as I and others that work with me explore this new experiential approach to progress through Conscious Contact.  In my next communication with you, I will share some of the techniques I have been using to explore this new frontier approach with the TA and hopefully it will inspire you to experiment with new and unique ways to have Conscious Contact with your TA.  We were all given unique personalities that we would co-create and become a new expression for Spirit in our experiences here on this world.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and see what we can create and share together?

Looking forward, in progress, always,

--Chris Maurus

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