Experience “The Way”

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Date: 9 Feb 2020
Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Receiver: Chris

Dear Students,

The lessons you have been given by the mansion world teachers, myself, and other beings of light during this time of correction are advanced spiritual instructions, yet compared to a world that has entered an enlightened age, these kinds of lessons are rudimentary and would be taught to very young children. Along with these teachings, children would also be trained in various faith building exercises that require contemplation, meditation, communion with Spirit, service, and manifestation—the receiving of and appreciation for blessings.  You have an opportunity to participate in and experience what children of an advance world would call “The Way,” and this sets you on a path of extraordinary (on your world) development that leads to the attunement your Indwelling Spirit requires you to have to prepare you for universe service and citizenship in the hereafter.

“The Way” is an all immersive experience of living in the awareness of an ascendant life where you and every other citizen is participating, in unity, for the betterment of society and your world while at the same time working on personality development and harmony with the Indwelling Spirit.  “The Way” is a magnification of Spirit Gravity—a deeper and more guided awareness of universe destiny.  From birth to the day of graduation—fusion with the Indwelling Spirit, these citizens of Light and Life understand the meaning of brotherhood and service, for in the pursuit and application of these tenants of Light and Life, the personal experience of attunement (consecration of will) with the Indwelling Spirit is achieved, freely expressed, and shared.

It is difficult to imagine, from your perspective, such a world where peace, love, and understanding are common values that are inherent in the fabric of society, but for you students, it is something hoped for.    The contrast and value for you is to experience some of this in your everyday life and relationships with others.  You weren’t raised from childhood to know and understand these things—your world is not enlightened, yet you strive to understand them now—that “striving” to know, to dream, to experiment and apply; to want these things for yourself, for others, and for your world is valuable to achieve growth and attunement with your Indwelling Spirit.  This is “The Way” for you to participate in the Great Plan and prepare for eternity while living in a time of correction.

When you live “The Way” you live and work along side your Indwelling Spirit.  Spirit is an endless supply of energy, knowledge, guidance, and assurance, and to have a relationship with this free gift of invaluable tutelage is to experience life more abundantly and with more joy.  As you live and experience “The Way,” the ripples that go out from your wake in the world multiply and change the reality around you.  As more and more people begin living “The Way” this shall have a profound effect in unifying the mass consciousness of your world—this is how you get there—to Light and Life.

Those that want to experience “The Way” can begin today—it is the way of abundance—it attracts opportunity, adventure, and leads to satisfaction.  Faith in action is believing that all things are possible while applying the tenants of peace, love, and understanding—then seeing the results manifest and multiply. “The Way” is fluid—it moves freely with you as it becomes you.  You know that you have entered it when you let go of the expectations and fears of failure and see life as a gift that provides what you need when you need it—even the hard lessons become gifts of enlightenment.

“The Way” is both unique and universal—it is your personal expression of Spirit in a universe filled with expression.  Experience the joy and astonishment of discovery when you dare to express that deeper part of you—the Spirit within.

Here to show you “The Way” always,

I AM Uteah

Source: https://correctingtime.org/transcript/experience-the-way