Era of Change

Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

Today we would like to speak to you about the Era of Change.  Old things are passing away and new things are coming into reality.  You see this in every facet of your life—the environment and weather patterns; social movements and popular culture; political ideologies and governments; economics and world trade; science and technology; even your own personal beliefs are changing as your awareness expands and you come one day closer to your transition into eternity.  All these changes are the evidence of the providence of God—spirit moving in the lives of men and women to create opportunities for change.  Why is this so?  Because CHANGE = EXPERIENCE.  Experience leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to progress—progress leads to perfection.  Perfection by experience is the reason for your being.

All humans on your world are experiencing change in their lives, and in this era of change, the rate of change is growing as the spiritual pressure is increasing creating more opportunities for change—it becomes exponential.  What you are all experiencing is the transition from one state of awareness into another.  You are being “moved along,” like it or not, up the evolutionary ladder and because of the rebellious past on your world, which retarded normal rates of change, things and events are being accelerated to bring your world into balance.

There are varying degrees of resistance to change—those who resist the most will find difficulty, whereas those who embrace change will transform their lives and discover opportunities that will enrich their souls.  There are those small minorities of men and women on your world who work very hard to prevent change, mostly those of great power and wealth who believe they must stifle progress as a way to stay in power and maintain wealth.  This of course cannot happen without imposing their will over the will of their fellows—creating an imbalance of opportunity, which prevents growth, and slows down planetary evolution.  It is like the building of a dam, and at some point, the pressure of the water behind the dam will overcome the blockade set by the builders allowing the river to once again follow its natural course.

Those that resist change are really resisting God’s Will and it shall be for those individuals that impose their will over others for the benefit of self that will find it most difficult to transition into eternity.  Only those things that enrich the soul are of value in eternity.  Material wealth and power are only temporal scaffolding and have no place in the ascendant life.  If therefore you only have experience with these temporal things and have resisted the soul building experiences in life—love, trust, authentic relationships, spiritual development, and brotherhood, then will you find yourself deprived of the tools that will propel you into service and joy in the ascendant life, and you will have to learn again all those things which you failed to achieve while given the opportunity on Earth.

Let go of fear, my friends, and embrace the brave new world in which is upon you now, for all these experiences, good and not so good, are preparing you for your next adventure in eternity where love is the currency of passage and service is the key to all joy.  Perfection hunger will be the driving force that moves you inward to ever higher levels where the discovery of the God of all creation awaits your homecoming.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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